The recent news about the issue on racism in Australia has actually got me thinking about racism in a broader perspective . The issue that has been raised cannot entirely be called a race issue .The issue is about plagiarism rather .It has been discovered that a great number of students from India,Bangladesh and Pakistan have copied their masters thesis to in the IT programme . The anger of the Australian people are justified .

I am very much against racism .There are many people who are against racism and there have been efforts made by people of various races to curb racism . But if people of other races behave in this manner , like the plagiarists in Australia it is very much justified that they have racist thoughts.

Yes , Racism is in no doubt a very wrong thing to entertain.But there has to be a reason for other races to not dislike another race .

I can very well know the psychology of the Indian students who have submitted a copied thesis to the people there . Coming from a country like India where things are done oblivious to the rules that has to be followed , they thought that just copying a thesis is nothing wrong . They in the process forgot that people in other countries do respect rules and work according to them .

I do not here in any way say that racism is good . But what I want to say here is put across the fact that the feelings of racism that arise in the people is backed by a strong dislike for a certain race , which in turn arises due to certain set behavioural patterns of a particular race that it has . Going back to the example stated above , there will be many people who would look at an Indian student with doubt when examining his/ her educational qualifications . Just like we Indians think that people with white skin have a great number of marriages and divorce , whereas the case cannot be generalised . The students who have plagiarised there have to a certain extent put a stamp on the people who are aware of the news that Indian students are likely to plagiarise . If not plagiarise , then cheat .

It is a race’s characteristics that has to be emphasised upon rather than pointing a finger against who point against a certain race .

It is true that generalising is not good . It is a wrong way of thinking .But just as Indians generalise that people abroad have certain tendencies and mark them as good or bad , they too have a tendency to generalise on other races and to an extent have a right to mark other races as good or bad .

Just fighting against racists is not the solution or the way to eliminate racism . People who do not want to be victims of racism must prove to the people that there is no reason to dislike them .

We see eager Indians wanting to be friends with these white skinned people ,whereas these people they run in the opposite direction when they see an Indian approaching . This is merely because of the things that Indians are expected to do . I do not in any way say that white skinned people do not do wrong things .It is just that they know to behave and do not cross their limits . I think that they to a certain extent think before doing things that might bring a wrong name to their race .

Things can go on and on and on , but what I want to say here is that the above mentioned case was actually not a case of racism but a case of plagiarism . It is a case of plagiarism first and then racism . I think people or the races who think that they are being wronged by the people or the races who has a racist mindset must apart from giving them an apt answer and taking the necessary steps against the offenders also think about what made these people give them this treatment . If you see racism is an illogical thing but it is not entirely baseless .

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