The Golden Age???

The result of recent assembly polls was as expected. No big surprises and for a change the exit polls were more or less upto the mark. However surprise came to me after the results, when an overjoyed congress spokesperson said that Indian polity is now unipolar and the golden age of one party rule is back.

After listening to him, am sure Mr. Ratan Tata must be thinking when the golden age of one company having monopoly will come back? The Ambanis must be speculating, when the golden age of closed economy, without any foreign competitors, will come? All of them and many more must have been reminded of their ‘golden age’ when they ruled without any rival or competition.     

Excuse me Mr. Spokesperson, but did you just say golden age? There was no opposition, congress contested elections against nobody, came in full majority and did whatever they wanted to. No check and balance on the activities, no one to question and none to answer. From nowhere a new royalty, a new political dynasty of independent Bharat emerged. It indeed was the golden age, atleast for congress.

Roti once told me, from your posts it should not appear you are writing in frustration, doesn’t matter even if you are. Well I found the advice very useful. Figured, even I don’t like to read something written in frustration. Moreover frustration takes away the gravity from your writing [if at all there is any, in my case]. But in this case I think I’ll let pass the golden rule.

How can that spokesperson call this sorry state the golden age? Is he mad or what? Just because they won some recent elections they think it is the golden age. From whose perspective is he calling it the golden age, not from country’s.

But I guess it doesn’t matter, for all I know people have voted them in power and they have the right to say whatever they want, because they know people will again vote them power, irrespective of whatever they do. A friend [strong congress supporter] once asked me, what have BJP done for the country? Well I don’t know! Why don’t you tell me, why the 6 years of NDA rule is counted as the years of good governance and development? You tell me; why just in tenure of 6 years Mr. Atal Bihari Vajapyee is counted among the most successful prime ministers of our country?

You tell me what has congress done for the country? They were in power for more than 5 decades. 50 long years of strong stable government with absolute majority; long 50 years of slow development, missed opportunities, misjudged foreign policy, mislead programs and what not.

But that doesn’t matter; 50 years is not a long time. All these things take time. Well they hell do, atleast in India. Moreover at that time we just got independence, there were so many other problems to handle, there was lack of resources, lack of this lack of that blah blah. Wake up dude 50 years, its half century; a complete generation lost. But still it is BJP that has done nothing for the country, because the party was not there at the time of independence struggle.

Don’t have anything else to say. I guess that is enough for frustration part and mow its time to cheer up; we should not worry now because the congress is back and so is the golden age.

P.S. noticed the stuff in the basement, the frustration should keep on coming out from time to time, to flush the whole system. It’s bad to keep it in there for long. But last time I did so, things turned nasty, you know what am talking about. If you don’t, never mind.

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