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Everyday I receive 2-3 mails atleast from my class CR [the CR can be interpreted in many ways but here lets just keep it to Class representative]; not just me but each and every student of the class; no our class CR is not indulged in spamming, trying to sell us some product; she is just doing her job.

Actually it’s not her job to mail us the reminders about the assignment’s submission deadlines, or about other forms or documents which we have to submit. Neither she is supposed to ask us again and again for our dissertation topics nor she has to remind us about the last date of any ‘xyz’ work which we are supposed to do. But still she does it and I think it is time to thank not only her but all the CR’s who are doing a good job.

Today while going through her just another routine mail [which I hardly read] I noticed her mail id is ‘guardian.angl’ and realized she is actually working like one guardian angel. Everytime there is a delay from our side in any submission we ask her to do the job. Everytime we need any class to be preponed or postponed she’s to be asked. Similarly the other CR is the man to contact for all the proxys; even without asking, the guy is always more than game to mark our proxy wherever and whenever he could.

But life is not all fair; one guy who never actually made it to the CR’s post also played an important part in informing us and actually forming the whole IT network. Undoubtedly he is the person behind the mailing thing and making groups and forums to keep everyone updated about what is happening in college.

Then there are some who don’t do anything and still get to have the credit [the other CR ‘Clever Representative’ is more apt here]. One particular case I can think of is the one who is out somewhere doing God knows what. Trying to play ‘oh so Mr. Cool’ all too much concerned about the class and following the golden rule ‘look busy take it easy’. Am not saying he is not doing anything, all am implying is that there are many things which are to be done [about which we exactly don’t know and can’t actually make out about either]; things which are very important for the benefit of the student community [the silent guardian doing the dirty work?] and like a real watchful protector he is looking out for everyone. Just that we don’t know about the working of this ‘Guarding Angel’ all we know is that it exists and can be seen every now and then, and yes this one seems to be reaping benefits. I guess this is what luck by chance is or may be the whole point to be learnt in a B school.

Anyways, at a place like B school where people are a little too much practical and not readily helping [before looking for their benefit] these guys are really helping us, even if they have something in it for them about which I can’t think of, they are doing a good job; off course ‘the others [clever representative]’ are there as well [now don’t expect me to divulge too much about the others, these are powerfull people connected at the right place J].

2 thoughts on “The CR’s …”

  1. hey Vaibhav

    thank you soooo much…feeling damn elated…
    finally someone appreciated my hard work…:P
    i have never read any blog here before.. and today also i just had a talk with Abhilasha she told me about this blog..thanks a ton dear…:)
    from last two days um not in a good mood.. but finally i got to read something that made me happy..:)
    thanks again and God Bless…!!

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