How much importance do people give to behaviour.How important is behaviour actually?It is very disturbing to know that people nowadays do not care about being well behaved.There are so many things that represents a country .The behaviour of the people of a country to a large extent also says a lot of things about the country.

Just imagine a westerner who is on a visit to India and sees an Indian man relieving himself against a wall.What is the impression that person would actually have about the country.How can other men in different countries follow certain rules and people here in India cannot.Whenever I see such a person I really want to know what they are made up of actually.Do not they have any self respect or self esteem for that matter?

Honking horns is another thing that really people here can not do without,Tell me one thing , what is a person going to gain by honking their horns so loudly?The person who is the car ahead of you is sane enough to move his car ahead when he sees that he has got the signal.If he did not have that much of sanity he would not have been driving a car.It makes sense if you are honking your horns at a person who is drunk and refuses to budge from where he is standing or sitting.But what is the point of honking so much when one knows that the person who is in the car in front of you is sane and in his senses.When will people understand these things?Do they even think about it?

People throw garbage on the roads.Why is the use of dustbin not mandatory in India?People do not care enough.It is not that they are not aware.It is just that they do not care.Don’t they feel ashamed when westerners come to India and take an account of a dirty country with them.What do Indians say when they come back from abroad?That it is a very advanced clean country that they have been to . What would a westerner say after they have visited India? It is your home , your country . You are an Indian . How can you not care about your own home? Is the country there to take care of you.Are you not there to take care of the country?When will people learn to care for their country.

There are so many things that the people of this country have to learn.People must be actually ready to learn these things.Do not the people in India want to have a good name?A good name to the country would only come if people in India learn to behave.

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