The homosexuals are now given the right to live their life according to the way that they want . I think it is a great thing . These people have suffered a great deal because of what they are.

I think Homosexuality is something very natural . It comes naturally to people who are homosexuals . It is not a forced thing upon an individual . We accept all other things as they are. When a person stumbles upon a new species of animals, they are glad that they have a new species , who have certain different characteristics .We do not discard that species of animals because they are different . Just like that Homosexuals are people of the same human species but with certain different characteristics . I do not think that we are correct if we hate them just because of what they are.

Yes , it comes naturally to people who are homosexuals but if we give a little thought into the matter we will see that it is against nature . Maybe there are chances that this can be healed. But we will be able to heal this only if we let these people come out and express themselves. We can heal these people only if we know the reasons why they behave this way. For that we have to know the people , observe them , give them the freedom to be themselves. After we know them we can think of healing them .

But if we do not succeed in healing them , then also we should let these people be . Every person has a right to live their way . These people are not people who are against society. They are not social deviants .They do not cause harm to the society like murderers , rapists or other such people who cause a great lot of harm to the society. They are just people with a different sexual orientation. They do not in any way harm the society .

I do not think that they should be banned or looked down upon.People should emphasise more about banning the social deviants and other such criminals .

I think that India has come a long way . The fact that Indians can accept that there are people who has different sexual orientation speaks a great deal about the development of the thought process of the Indian people . What I think is , if we ignore a thing that we do not like that does not cease to go away . We have to tackle it . When these things were unheard of , and people thought that there were only straight people in this world there were people who have had different sexual orientations. Not accepting them did not in any way solve the situation that they were in . The fact that India has accepted these people shows that Indians have developed their thought process to an extent where there are no narrow mindedness or set mentalities . The social evils like dowry and other such things that has been so prominent in North India , these things do not have that much influence over the people now and there are very less number of people who practice these social evils . How was this possible ? The way that people think have changed for the better .They do not believe in stereotypes and can judge between what’s right and wrong . In the same manner , the problem or the fact that there are homosexuals have to be accepted. To try and heal these people if this is a problem and if it is not a problem to give human beings the right to live as human beings , as free individuals of a democratic society or country .

Indians have a tendency to ape the Western countries. In their obsession of aping these western countries they forget about their own identity and often do not judge about the right or wrong of the things that they are aping . But when it comes to the decision of legalising homosexuality , I think that Indians have actually learnt to pick up the good things from the western world .It is a great thing and a great decision.

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