untitledAlright it is after a long time I am writing a movie review. Not because I was absent from the usual movie watching business, but my exams have kept me a little busy this time. This reminds me, I guess this is probably the last post till 25th of this month [which am eagerly waiting, my exams end the same day]. Anyways getting back to the task at hand; movie review! For some time my friend was bugging me with the release date of 2012; not because it was highly anticipated but it was falling right before my exams; so I had to watch it. Its not that I didn’t want to but I might have given it a miss. To talk about the movie in one straight line, it is like any other disaster movie just on larger scale. You get to see where they spent 200 million dollars.

On the first note I thought it is just like ‘The day after tomorrow’. Natural calamities, world coming to an end, saving the humanity stuff; but then Dennis Quaid was missing from the setting and so was the acting. Then I thought it is like Armageddon or Deep Impact, just you miss all the action in the space and off course Bruce Willis, and moreover our hero here is not saving the world but his family. This reminded me of ‘War of Worlds’ Tom Cruise trying to keep his kids alive, but I enjoyed this one more.  

So it will be little harsh on my side if I’ll completely write off the movie blatantly, because I enjoyed it, although it was a little long, there is nothing much to talk about the story, no room for the characters build up, and certainly no scope for showing acting prowess; except for the desperately tried emotional touchy moments about family and humanity.

But the crowd cheered everytime our hero’s car steered out of caving roads or his plane escaped falling buildings. They enjoyed when gigantic waves submerged complete islands. They had fun when a plane crash landed on frozen glaciers. To cut a long story short, if you like plethora of special effects in every scene and you are not exactly looking for soul searching humanity coming to end spiritual ride then there is no harm in watching it, its fun.

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