I don’t know when the current dispute between the producers and the multiplexes will end. And until it is on, you have no other option but to go and watch movies about which you are totally clueless. If you have avoided them in the first week then you have no other option in second but to go and watch them. After fighting a long lost battle I finally gave up and watched ‘Doomsday’ yesterday.

Like I said before I was totally clueless about what the movie is about, except that it is an action flick in which Rhona Mitra must be doing the Kate Beckinsale of Underworld gig. Also it is about some virus so I was expecting some ‘Dawn of the Dead’ kind of survivors trapped in zombie city type setting. More or less I was not wrong about my presumptions.

The movie begins with the narration about a ‘reaper virus’ spreading in Britain and killing people. But before the whole population is wiped out the government quarantines the whole of Scotland and builds a great wall isolating it from rest of the world. While the final quarantine process was being carried out a little girl is separated from her mother, the mother is left behind in the quarantine zone while trying to secure a passage for her daughter. Who the daughter will grow to be is anyone’s guess. Cut two, present time year 2035 and the little girl is all grown up and is a Major in the army, or is it some paramilitary force? Am not sure!

In the mean time the virus has resurfaced this time in London. The government plans to send a team in the quarantine zone as a few years back they spotted survivors in Scotland and their logic is, if there are survivors then there must be a cure. The team is lead by our own Major heroine Rhona Mitra. What follows after is action packed stuff with car chase, horse chase, bomb blasts, gun firing, bow and arrow firing; feudal time castle settings with the duke on one hand and cannibalistic insane who wear bones on the other. Our heroine is fighting them all and her team is getting killed at every step. Then she finds a Bentley and full cargo of GPS mobile phones. She kills everyone in her path, delivers a survivor [who do not have any cure but are naturally immune to the virus] to the government, brings down corrupt government official head and then lives happily ever after in her ancestral home in the quarantined Scotland.

Overall it is fast paced flick with too many things happening, so you will not be bored. Movie belongs to Rhona Mitra, others got nothing to do in it, and she is looking hot in the tight black suit she is wearing. If you are an action junkie who likes gore embedded in it without any logic with an eye candy doing action then it is the pick of the lot for you. Else you can avoid it; for me I’ll rate it ‘C+’ or ‘B’ perhaps.

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