My Sassy Girl

The original My Sassy Girl movie is a Korean flick, from where the English version is inspired; but am not sure if the Hindi version ‘Ugly aur Pugly’ is inspired from Korean or English. Am also not sure why they decided to release it now [originally it released in June 2008] in India.

I watched the movie at the time of its release, after downloading it on recommendation of a friend. As far as the story goes, for those who have seen the Hindi installment need not to bother, for everyone else it’s a normal romantic flick where guy meets gal, fall in love then some comedy followed by some emotions, separation and then they live together happily ever after.

Frankly speaking, after watching it I was thinking why I listened to the recommendations of that friend and wasted some 700 MB and 5-6 hours in downloading it. But I was not cursing him because it starred the eye candy Elisha Cuthbert [The Girl Next Door] whom we not get to see a lot and like every other movie this one too has its moments of laughter.

All the characters looks a little confused but unpredictable and you wonder what and why are they doing this and how come this all is happening? At the end it is all stupid and fate; I guess stupidity and fate has some unsaid understanding with romantic comedy flicks and after watching ‘Serendipity’ no amount of fate looks over the top in them.

So if you have not joined your internship yet like me or you are bored of sitting at home, then a break to cinema hell will not hurt that much; else you can let this one pass by.

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