NEWS-Never Ending Whiner’s Society

With infinite number of news channels, hardly a day passes without getting their glimpse or two. Going by the genre, currently news channels take the lead and the trend is here to stay. Media or electronic media, to be precise enough, has gone through a rapid transformation. Just a few years back from only hourly news on Doordarshan to 24X7 news channels, the leap has been immense and praise worthy for sure. And going by the popular perception this is good news. Getting to know what is happening in and around the world and that too not just from a government mouth piece is something for which anyone can vie for. With newspapers a little time consuming and radios a little obsolete, one definitely prefers a quick bite on the television.

Media undoubtedly plays an important role in our lives, especially when it comes to forming an opinion. The news which they report and the way in which they report is a major deciding factor in what people feels about a particular issue, after all it is the only source with the ability to tell people what is happening in the society. But sometimes intentionally or unintentionally this fourth pillar of our democracy does make mistakes.

There are few things about the whole scenario which always keeps on bothering me. I don’t know if I am right or not? But I would definitely like to know if I am wrong. As far as I can infer media’s prime objective is reporting the news. Every citizen, of our country or the world for that matter, has an equal right to know what is happening where? And media has the responsibility to make sure that people are not denied this basic right of theirs.

But when we say reporting than it should be only reporting and nothing else except reporting. However in electronic media, what we get to see is exactly opposite. They seem to be busier in giving their opinion instead of news. A brief glimpse at the newspapers, the most ancient medium of reporting and one can easily make out as to what exactly I mean. In a newspaper the news item only and only state the incidents. In the odd 20-30 pages there is only news and nothing except it. All the opinions, what the people feel [according to them], what is the popular belief, all the analysis, all the inferences everything is reserved for the two ‘Editorial Pages’ and that too by the experts. On an average only 10% of the newspaper [2 pages out of 20] is for drawing conclusions, the rest is only meant for reporting.

Although in case of all the 24X7 private news channels they tell us about everything, from pre-drawn conclusions to on the spot judgements to prediction about anything and everything, except news. They do not need any expert; they do not require any time to analyze. They are reporting some live event and side by side they have their opinions ready about the happening. So impromptu and spontaneous they are, kudos to the brilliant lot. What else can I say about them, when all the news readers are political pundits, business analysts, movie buffs and sports critics, not to mention even judges if the need for a judgement arises. Unfortunately DD News, BBC and many other news houses like them do not have the amount of talent which others do and hence they are still reporting only the news without giving any view to the story, leaving the part of analysis to the experts.

After listening to all the news which these people nowadays report, I can only say that the news is absolutely horrible, stupid and meaningless which will make people feel low and will shoot the TRPs beyond imagination. All the news reporters appear to me members of ‘Never Ending Whiner’s Society’. These people sounds like a group of frustrated women and, or woozy men who get together in break rooms, chat boards, bars, homes [basically when they do not have anything else to do] and Whine, bitch, complain about stupid, dumb, meaningless things like: people, place’s,  opinions, idea’s, family, any and everything under the sun basically.

This is the trend which is even liked by the viewers too, and when these channels are getting the required TRPs so why they won’t do it? Hence they are not the ones to be blamed; after all they are not running their channels for charity.

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