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By any chance have you ever read any of the movie reviews I have written? If not then take out some time to read them, and if possible try to check out the reviews of the same movies published somewhere else. After going through this exercise you will be able to note a peculiar thing about all of them. Well actually it is not certain if you will actually be able to note the peculiarity in it, although you must have noted the point earlier also. To ease the things, let me tell you about it. Each review of every movie says the same thing about it. If they say the movie is good then all find it good and if they say the movie is waste of time and money then all of them find it useless scum.

But aren’t these reviews exclusive opinion of the writer about the movie? Then how come each and every person has the same liking or disliking about every movie? This can not be a meagre coincidence everytime. Till date, atleast I have not found any single review which says that a particular movie is good, when all others have bluntly rejected it.

It does not mean that the writers consult among themselves before giving a review or that it is just one source from which all of them copy. It is a very honest and apt review according to them. But if they are not copied then why are they like this?

Today we talk about reaching 100% literacy and educating the society. And answer to the above question lies in this very task of ours only.

Everyday around the globe, millions of children go to school, most of them against their wish and most of them without any wish. They do it simply because their parents ask them to, without understanding the need and use. As kids they all have so many things in their hearts and minds, they do not lead shackeled lives. In their hearts they imagine that with their tiny hands they can reach out and touch the stars. For them the entire world is a new place and with so many questions they want to explore it, but every child wants to do it by his/her own way. But we don’t let them do it, instead we send them to schools. Where we are least interested in what they have in their minds. Instead of listening to their young and bright ideas we ask them to shut up. Continuously we ignore their queries and keep on killing their curiosity, just because we have one thing on our mind, educating them. And as old adolescents, by the time they leave their high school and college they become close-minded and bondage. In place of stars at night, they only think about money and talk about the most popular thing to come, under obligation. They are now worried about their social status and being social in a society which is full of close minded people like them. Such a great change occurs between those who enter school and those who leave it.

More often than not, we force them, even threaten them to go to school for learning. Once there the first thing they learns over there is to hate learning. They spend their time in the class doing tasks which are meaningless to them. We burden them with facts, figures, faulty logics, incomplete explanations, illogical reasoning all in the name of education. During the whole process only thing which constantly grow in their heart is hatred against learning. This whole idea of forced schooling and education is greatly faulty. No human being on this planet likes to do a particular job by free will, if she/he was forced to do the same. No one will ever do it. Still we force children in learning.

Education is a streamlining mechanism which brings each and every individual on the same footing. The more focussed, higher and professional the education is, more alike people become, killing the diversity and individuality of every mind. This is the reason all of those who emerge from this kiln of education think alike, work alike, perform alike. They all have same likes and dislikes [same reviews], same taste. And we say diversity is a necessity for development when we ourselves are killing it.

Every child is different from the other, not only physically but mentally too. If we broadly divide them, then they fall into three categories. First is of those whose intelligentsia lies below the level of this streamlining mechanism. The second at par with it and third is of those with IQ above it. For the first and second category children, the formal education system works as a boon and reforms their life in a manner nothing can. But what about the third category? Their lives also undergoe drastic change but can’t say if it is for their betterment. When they pass through this streamlining channel they are also standing on the same platform as the other two groups. We might have been successful giving them formal education, but in true sense we did not educate them, infact we did exactly the opposite.

All this does not mean that I have something personal against education infact it is more than necessary for majority of children [the first and the second category] but what about the third one? Moreover the current education system is not about learning but mugging. The idea of education is memorizing facts, relevant or irrelevant, true or untrue and the objective is not knowledge, but clearing a particular grade and securing good marks for social acceptance.

I am sure this is not what we have in mind when we send our children to schools for learning, but unfortunately it is the truth.

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  1. Hey so true. Everything you are trying to say over here reminds me of a famous quote…”Only time when my education was ruined….was then when i went to School”.

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