Am Back!!!

It’s been some time since my last post. This is not the first time it has happened. From time to time I have taken considerable amount of breaks from writing; nothing new in it. But this time the break was not because of any writer’s bloc or on pretext of self introspection of my writing skills. Past few days proved to be busy and despite of having few things to write about, I was not able to do so [no I was not having my exams; am never busy during exams].

The story begins from the last three days of February, which went in the international business meet called Inbush in our college [I don’t know why it is called ‘Inbush’. If they had to name it on the bases of venue then why not ‘Inamity’ or to be more precise ‘Inaudi’ as most proceedings occurred in auditorium. Why only ‘in-bush’? Well during ‘In-bush’ I was ‘out-bush ‘and hence no writing]. But during those ideal sitting days I thought of writing an open letter to our DG. I have noticed that all the big shot column writers in some big shot newspaper or magazine do write an open letter to some big shot celebrity who’s out of their reach and they don’t want him/her to read it. So I decided to write one to our DG [who is not out of my reach but I surely don’t want him to read it] giving some words of wisdom. But before I could put the idea into words I got busier.

Half of March went in my 8 day trip to Hong Kong [yes my first foreign trip; which started fauran {immediately} and ended fauran as well]. Although my trip only lasted for 8 days not 18 I was not able to write anything. Generally first foreign trip lasts much longer then the stipulated time period; as 10 days before the date of departure all the packing and preparation starts. The excitement of leaving is huge and the person keeps on hopping from one place to other [as if he is already on a holiday] telling everyone about the feet s/he is about to reach. Then after coming back the person is on a spree of telling everyone about how good the trip turned out to be. But to my dismay [and God knows whose delight] it never happened in my case. Why? It is a story in itself to tell, which will be the first one in my HK memoir [yes get ready for it; I plan to bore you people with my exciting outing].

So the next post you will find here will be an open letter to our DG, which I hope will remain closed. Then a writing spree on HK [which I don’t know will continue for how long].

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