‘Straightening’ and the ‘Historic Judgment’

It’s been quite some time since I wrote any post, well there was Transformers movie review last week, but I don’t think it counts as a post. That reminds me the movie review was the 200th post on ‘zhagdoo’; so we are officially 206 posts [including this one], 2 years 1month and 16 days old.

Coming back to the delay, this time it was actually because I was busy. For a change I thought of missing on writing on pretext of doing work. I had to submit my summer internship report last Monday so was busy writing it; the project has still not seen the official signatures so it is with me till this Monday atleast.

During my sabbatical lot of things happened, lot of writing is going on them and I don’t want to be let behind.

It all began with the Delhi high court’s ‘historic judgment’ [this is what everyone is calling it] scrapping section 377 of IPC which criminalized homosexuality. The court says sex among consenting adults is not a crime. People say by this notion legalize prostitution as well, it is also sex among consenting adults. This can STRAIGHTEN up country’s budgetary problems. The government, on people involved in this business can ‘lay’ opps errr… impose new taxes. Like entertainment tax or service tax for that matter. The huge amount of money the government will get can STRAIGHTEN many problems of country.    

Nevertheless the way media and the intellectual class, including self proclaimed social activists are feeling happy about it I guess all are personally attached. They say for long this community has been neglected and denied basic right of freedom.

This reminds me, for the upliftment of this ‘neglected community’ the government can now come up with reservation quota in jobs [both government and private], educational institutes, railways, movie halls, pubs, discos etc for homosexuals. This way government will STRAIGHTEN up things by giving ‘fair’ chance and benefit to the deprived. Somewhere down the line, our PM will now say, homosexuals have first right on country’s resources. If minorities can, why not them?     

Baba Ramdev along with others have already filled a petition in the Supreme Court challenging the verdict. He says these people are sick and can be cured. He is planning to STRAIGHTEN them up with some ‘Pranayam’ and ‘Asan’ [YOGA HAI KARNE SE HOGA!]. WHO don’t consider homosexuality as a mental disorder! If they would I guess going by the increasing number of this community a major portion of world population will be declared mentally sick. The world’s going mad!

The next day in my office [finally I went for my summer internship in Ranbaxy, Gurgaon] and the gym [going by the speed with which I was growing sideways, gym was inevitable to STRAIGHTEN few things up] it was the joke of the tinsel town. After the judgment it is good to avoid physical contact [including handshakes] with same sex [else someone is ought to comment]. This is STRAIGHTENING up our society. Handshake was never our culture; it’s a western thing. We have ‘Namaste’; it doesn’t give anyone any chance to comment anything.

So you see lot of straightening is on the cards with one ‘historical judgment’. The only which is not, is about people’s sexual preferences. But then we should not be interfering in ‘personal choices of consenting adults’.

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