In Bruges. . .

On a personal note neither I like Collin Farell nor his movies. But still I watched ‘In Bruges’ because it boasted of Brendan Keensan [Ken] and Ralph Fiennes [Harry] and I didn’t had anything else to do.

The movie is about two hitman Ray and Ken; who are in Bruges on orders from their hot headed boss Harry after a job gone awry. Bruges is a medieval town in Belgium but you can also call it a ‘shithole’ as again and again referred by Collin Farell. While in Bruges Ken feels it’s a good opportunity to get to know about the culture and heritage of the city. But Ray is totally pissed of being there, and is clueless as to what they are doing in the shithole. The first half with Ray and Ken exploring the shithole Bruges is slapstick. While the second with the entry of Harry is intense, violent yet light hearted.

This is what the movie is all about. Honestly speaking there is nothing to watch in it, still not even for a single minute you feel why am I watching this? The humor coming from racist comments on blacks and dwarfs is bad but nod sad. Even the repetition of dialogues generates enough humor to keep you smiling through the run. Dialogues are well written and score home run every time.

This is all what I can tell you about the movie, because frankly speaking this is all about the movie; there is nothing else to say or tell. On an ending note if you don’t have anything else to do like me, then you can watch it and trust me you wont regret the decision.

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