Writer’s Bloc

It’s been some time since I posted anything. The last one was on 18th of this month, and it was written a few days before being posted. So in a nut shell over 10 days, and it is not because I was very busy or something [am never busy, sometimes I feel am the most vella person on this earth] its just that am not able to think what to write and what not.

I had a dream just now [took a nap while staring at the blank screen of my laptop for over half an hour]. Well it was more of a nightmare, in which I was staring at the screen of my laptop where it was written in bold ‘I am Writer’s Bloc’. Before I could see anything else, Mrigakshi [my cousin, doctor in waiting about to complete her MBBS] pinged me on Gtalk, which woke me up.

The conclusion of the story is am hit by ‘Writer’s Bloc’ [although am not much of a writer, which you must have noticed by now after looking at my writing prose] and hence I don’t have anything to write, ideally I should not be writing even this as am hit by writer’s bloc without even being a writer, strange isn’t it?

P.S. don’t know when this bloc will go, or how will it go? If there is any medication to be done or some exercises which can help? Got no idea! If by any chance any one knows any remedy to it, please do let me know.

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