Fully ‘Fools Gold’

The treasure hunting season is back again. After Nicholas Cage did it twice in National Treasure, this time Matthew McConaughey is doing the honours. But he ain’t Nicholas Cage even of ‘Book of Secrets’, forget about ‘National Treasure-I’.

This is the story of Ben Finn Finnegan [McConaughey] who wants to find a legendary 18th century Spanish treasure known as Queens Dowry. In pursuit of this task he has lost everything, even his wife Tess [Kate Hudson]. After the divorce Tess is working as a steward on a yacht owned by 700 million dollar man Nigel Honeycutt [Donald Sutherland]. Just a day before his divorce Finn finds a vital clue which can lead them to the treasure, but he has nothing to carry on the hunt plus a badie is after his life because he owns him a huge sum of money and wants the treasure too. So Finn gets Nigel alongwith his dumb of all, daughter Gemma [Alexis Dziena] to hunt for the treasure. There is also Moe Fitch [Ray Winstone], who used to be Finn’s mentor, who wants the treasure. So they all are out there running after the gold like fools.

The movie is not very high on the clue solving side and it is neither very good at the build-up and stuff about the treasure. Moreover with a romantic side [the rekindling of divorced couple’s love] being thrown into the hunting is not merging with the plot very well. There are few times when you get to laugh, and there are many when you laugh just because it is suppose to be funny.

Most of the characters don’t have anything to do, and are more in a confused state. Like in one shot Nigel has been shown as a totally forgetful absent minded old man, and in other he is making some wise talk about using brain’s power. Also his daughter has nothing to do in the whole movie except appearing to be dumb, dumber and voilla dumbest damsel. Then there is Finn’s compliance cum friend Alfons [Ewen Bremner] whose contribution in the search is zilch.

There is only one thing very appropriate about the whole movie, and that is the title ‘Fool’s Gold’. After all they all appear nothing more than fools looking for something. You can go and watch the movie, if you do not have anything else to do in the Valentine week. Else you can simply avoid it.

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