Hoist the Colours High!!!

It is a bit relaxed in the office today, as all the bosses has gone to company’s factory to mark its annual day. Anyways that’s not the point why I am writing this, it certainly is the point why I am writing this at this hour. A friend in the morning told me that BJP has gone crazy; just for meagre political gains they are disrupting peace in the country. Congress is doing right in arresting and stopping. You know BJP want to hoist the Tricolour at Lal Chowk in Srinagar on the Republic Day.

I don’t see the point in hoisting a flag in the first place [then I don’t see point in most of the things]; then hoisting it on a specific day makes even little sense to me. Clearly for majority, republic day is just a national holiday on which people plan family picnics. If it falls with the weekend then it’s a good excuse for an extended weekend getaway. Most of the people don’t care; yes, yes it is for the national pride, a symbol of sovereignty and stuff like that. But frankly who believes in it anymore? Hardly any; had they been, then hoisting national flag on Republic Day would have not been put under the purview of means to get political mileage or disrupt peace.

India is a great country as it is the only country in which people can hoist Pakistani flag on Lal Chowk on the occasion of Eid. Separatist can even burn the Indian flag and hail Pakistan’s, on Lal Chowk again. But that doesn’t matter, as they do so because they are separatist and India is free [Bharat azad hai]. They have right to do so and doing so do not in any way disrupt peace, you know why? Because our governments are very peace loving and on any such act they let the perpetrators walk away for maintaining peace. They prefer ignoring such incidence as there are other bigger things to be done. Then why hoisting the Tricolour will hamper the peace? Because the separatist don’t want national flag to be hoisted and they have warned everyone against it.

Frankly speaking I don’t care whether they are hoisting Indian flag, Pakistani flag or Bangladeshi flag there. Yes it does hurt the feelings, but then we are very resilient and adjusting, so petty things like these don’t matter for the overall prevalent peace. But what I can’t stand is someone daring me not to hoist my national flag in my own country. It might not be a case of national pride and the government might be ready to let it go for greater good; but it certainly is a question of my personal pride, right and freedom and neither as a citizen of an independent Bharat I can let this happen, nor I am as forgiving as my government.

It sounds very selfish and demeaning to the overall spirit of hoisting and national pride. But the moment our government decided to bow down to terrorist threats, I don’t think nothing like national pride and spirit is left anymore. Today they say don’t hoist the flag in Kashmir, we won’t. Tomorrow they will say don’t hoist the flag in Delhi! Obviously threats like these comes with a package of disrupting the national peace and in name of greater good the government can not succumb to them. And if peace matter’s so much to this government and the only way they see of maintaining it is to concede to terrorist threats then let us give up our claim on Kashmir; let us hand over Arunachal, let us give the rule to Maoists. Why to oppose and fight on all the issues, if peace can be achieved by surrendering. Let us do it today. But this is not the way out. The government can not under any circumstances, in name of peace or greater good or anything, negotiate with terrorists let alone give in to their threats.

If we actually think hoisting national flag on Republic day is a matter of national pride, then the day any terrorist or separatist or anyone threatens us against hoisting Tricolour in any part of Bharat, then the Prime Minister himself should be strong enough to have Republic day parade there and hang that low life terrorist there and then only.

But if we can not, then let us stop criticising Sachin Tendulkar for cutting Tricolour cake. Let us stop persecuting Mandira Bedi for wearing Tricoloured saree. Let us take down all the Tricolours and stop preaching about national pride, glory and freedom associated with it; as there is no meaning of freedom in the country where the government prevents its people from hoisting national flag and the day our government started forcing our people not to hoist the National Flag, we stopped being free.

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