First of all it’s bad that 15th August or any other national holiday falls on weekend; one of our well deserved holiday is lost. But thank God that Independence Day went off well; there was no terrorist attack or another Delhi Metro mishap for that matter. So it was quite for almost all day except that the US detained Shahrukh Khan for questioning and this provided the news channels much needed masala to telecast for the whole day.

In my last year’s 15th august post, I tried to argue that it is to these days that somewhere lost patriotism of ours is rekindled even if for a very brief period of time. Despite of depleted Independence Day celebrations and enthusiasm on my side, I still stand by it.

Coming back to the ‘Media Masala’ please someone tell me what is the big deal if Shahrukh Khan was questioned at Newark airport. When Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam was frisked and that too in Delhi none bothered, except for a small news item. Earlier Kamal Hassan was mistaken for Husain and questioned in US none budged. Everyday so many passengers are detained none give a damn; then what is it about Shahrukh Khan?

I don’t think it’ll be fair to assume that the airport personnel knew who Shahrukh Khan is, how many airport security personnel here know about Brad Pitt or George Clooney [it doesn’t mean am comparing Sharukh to them, he do not fall in that league], then why so much hue and cry?

If it is because of the religious credentials of US, then why not at Kalaam’s or Kamal Hassan’s time? South Indian Hindu mistaken for a Muslim and questioned is not a big deal I guess. But then why Kalaam’s episode, which for that matter happened in Delhi itself, was overlooked so lightly? Perhaps because Shahrukh Khan is a Global Indian icon and Dr. Kalaam is just an ex-president of India, who would recognize him.

Anyways we all know the whole episode has been blown way out of proportion, credit for which goes to the Media and Shahrukh himself, who earlier declared he’ll not visit US, but then said if my fans will call I’ll surely go. Am not advocating US’s treatment to Indians, but it is their internal matter and it’s best if atleast we do not talk about racism and religious biasness by US. We are worst at it.

Well I talked about the episode primarily for three reasons; one this Independence Day this was actually the biggest news to take place.

Secondly it shows that our national pride is still wide awake, doesn’t matter if it comes in play only when Shahrukh or Amitabh for that matter is frisked [perhaps rest all are useless people]. Or may be because it was 15th august and our nationalistic feelings were at prime that we created so much fuss about our fellow Indian being ill-treated in US.

Thirdly I guess the US has come up with some new policy under which all the Muslims who are known in Indian subcontinent are given this special kind of treatment; may be to send some kind of message to the world. Now am not talking about the message [else this blog of mine will be labeled communal]; you all are smart enough to figure out the message all by yourself.  

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