Obama win Nobel for Peace!!!

Breaking News, US President Barak Obama won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Astonishing! Congratulations Mr. President on winning the Nobel Prize; although the only notable noble thing you have done after becoming the US president is winning the Nobel Peace Prize, still congratulations.

This is strange though, President Obama took office on 22nd January and the last date for Nobel Prize nominations was 1st February. Either the award is based upon his 12 days performance in the oval office or on the anticipation that he will be bringing world peace. I guess this is the change Obama was talking about during his presidential campaign; giving awards on the anticipation of performance. What next? Now perhaps this year’s Oscar for best actor will go to Tom Cruise or Will Smith; both are expected to deliver best performances.   

Or May be it was his vocal, again and again support to world peace, as was evident from his presidential campaign [again], that did the trick. But then they just might have to award all the contestants of all the beauty pageants happening around the world, because the thing closest to their heart as well is world peace.

Or perhaps he won because he is the only man on this earth who is sitting on two wars [when I last checked both Iraq and Afghanistan were active war zones], preparing for the third [the big Iran issue] and still is so vocal about bringing peace to the world. This is not an easy task to do. Fighting wars for achieving peace is actually worth praising.

People on the net are actually talking that he should not accept it, as he has not earned it. Even my thoughts were similar. If he returns it, it will be even more credibility booster for him, earning him more brownie points. May be the Nobel Prize jury also thought the same; that he will return it and then they will give it to someone else. But I guess this is not what Mr. President thinks. He just might go on and keep it.

Anyways whatever the case may be at the end he won; this is EOB today [oh you don’t know about EOB today! EOB – End of Business today]. A victory is a victory; like Vin Diesel said in ‘The Fast and the Furious’ ‘It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. A win is a win’. In this case although he has not even started running; But then again how does it even matters? At the end of the day its victory that counts!

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