Candy Crush and Kejri Crush Saga

There are two things, right now from which I am tired and, if not all then perhaps most of you will be as well; invite to play ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and Arvind Kejriwal’s continuous rant about BJP’s conspiracy against him and his fellow party men.

First things first! I am a big supporter of social media. In this age of technology and stalking, some might find sharing the details of personal life on public domain, easily accessible for prying eyes to be not so wise. Then there are conspiracy theories about government being behind the rise of social media in order to keep tabs on people. But, it has revolutionised the way we communicate and bond, especially in the modern age, when people are so busy in God knows what, conventional socializing is practically impossible for the most. I like knowing what is happening in the life of my friends and relatives, those who are not in regular touch anymore. Its good to see a long lost friend landing a dream job or the dream hottie, getting married, going on a long planned holiday or just hanging around. It gives certain calm, motivation, even jealousy perhaps, we go through variety of emotions which define our relation. But all these emotions go down the toilet when you receive an invite to play ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and the only two replacing them are frustration and anger.

Every day there are numerous notifications on FB and it turns out most are invitations to play Candy Crush Saga. Dude you are playing a game meant for toddlers, it is your choice, I am nobody to judge, but when you are inviting me to do so and that too repeatedly, it shouts for a lot. Did I ask you to invite me to play Candy Crush Saga? Why are you being a brand ambassador of the game telling everyone that such childish game about candies still fascinates you? Either you think I am into such moronic games as well (given your IQ level please don’t think that everyone on this planet, who committed the mistake of befriending you on FB is of your low IQ level and into candy games) or you are inviting me because the game is giving you some incentive to invite friends. It says a lot about you as a person, who is willing to sell out a friend for a meager gain in a stupid game in the virtual world. Either way it says a lot about you when you are inviting me to play Candy Crush Saga. I am just not that into this moronic game and even if I am then I will play on my own, without your invitation. In any case stop inviting me.

Coming to the other irritating phenomenon, in many ways, Arvind Kejriwal and his band of AAPtards have a lot in common with the Candy crush obsessee as he is obsessed with everything under the sky going wrong being a conspiracy of BJP and he eats up our brain with it.

He started his political career after the India Against Corruption movement last year(success of which to a large extent is attributed to the RSS, whom of all proved to be too naïve when they thought that IAC will be their big ticket to uproot INC from Delhi and supported it in full swing, without getting in the fore front). One year down the line, they are still ranting about the same things. Doesn’t matter if BJP was in power or not, they kept cursing BJP for everything going wrong in the state and country. For an opposition party AAP, it was strange that it was fighting its Delhi assembly and centre election against another opposition party BJP and not against Congress.

Already a lot has been written about AK49, his lies, his rhetoric, his u-turns and I don’t want to repeat all of it; but from reading in the newspaper about ‘BJP’s conspiracy’ in asking him for the rent for government bungalows which he and his ministers have occupied 5 months after resigning from the government, to listening to his stupid voice in the radio about President’s rule being a ‘BJP conspiracy’, to watching him in the news about arrest of his party men for pasting posters to instigate communal violence being a ‘BJP conspiracy’, we are tired, just like we are tired of the numerous invitations to play candy crush saga. If I had known better, I would say the guy has his own kind of crush on BJP and wants to get their attention in any whichever possible way.

Dude the elections are over, first one you won and you blew it and second you blew and lost, now please give us a break. We are not interested in your continuous BJP/Narendra Modi/Amit Shah’s conspiracy theories. We are not interested in listening to your ‘oh I am so poor Aam Admi’ pitch. We are not interested in looking at your posters condemning each and everything being done and not done. You have overplayed your hand, stop playing it. Reading this post, Kejriwal please don’t come up with a new conspiracy of BJP in inviting everyone to play Candy Crush Saga and making money out of it. Yeh scam nahi hai!!!

The May general elections of 2014 were the longest, biggest and most exhaustive general elections in the history of Indian democracy, perhaps the world. People have had their quota of politics for the season. You are not in vogue anymore and people are not in mood to talk about politics right now. Just because you are obsessed with everything being a conspiracy of BJP doesn’t mean everyone else is; just because you are into playing candy crush saga doesn’t mean everyone else is. Don’t invite us anymore.

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