Bedtime Stories!!!

You don’t mess with the Zohan, was the last Adam Sandler movie I saw; the movie was fun but it lacked the feel good Sandler factor. Bedtime stories have that feel good Sandler factor, but it is not that much fun to watch.

Bedtime stories is the story of Skeeter [Adam Sandler], whose father sold his hotel to Barry Nottingham [Richard Griffiths] and Barry promised that someday Skeeter will run the place. So now Skeeter is the kind handy man of the hotel doing all the work under a mean manager Kendall [Guy Pearce] and a nasty desk clerk [Lucy Lawless]. Barry announces the opening of a new hotel and Skeeter has to baby sit his niece and nephew as his sister Wendy (Courteney Cox) goes job-hunting in Arizona and helping him in this task his best friend Mickey (Russell Brand) and Wendy’s cute friend Jill (Keri Russell). To amuse the plain white dull kids Skeeter tell enchanting bedtime stories, but voilla! Here’s the catch, these stories somehow becomes real in Skeeter’s life.

This is what the movie all about. No explanations, no sense nothing. Just like that. The story is predictable and you know what will happen in the end. The performance is good, but the actors have been wasted in flimsy roles. I wonder why Guy Pearce actually did that oily manager role. I also wonder why and how the stories come true.

Well I wonder about lot of things, so no point in wondering. Afterall it’s a fantasy movie, and if I can digest Zohan, then this one surely has the feel good Sandler factor and yeah some gags too. Enough said, what else do you expect me to say? There is nothing more, watch it if you don’t have any bedtime story to listen.

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