Are Women Emotionally Weaker than Men??

Women are always considered to be the weaker sex by men when compared physically. But does this also stands true when women is compared to men on the emotional grounds. People often say that women are emotionally weaker than men. Well, I think this is untrue as women may be emotionally more expressive than men but is certainly not weaker than them.

Men also have emotions and feeling but he is not as expressive about them as women are. Women lacks control on their emotions and suddenly comes up with whatever they feel about the situation. Men are equally emotional but do not come up with all their emotions to keep their robust image intact.

Emotions arise in a human mind with an equal intensity and do not arise impartially in either of the sexes. Men find emotions to be distracting and very disturbing in their free lifestyles and thus monitor a firm control on their feelings. They turn their attitude to control whenever they feel that their emotions are affecting them.

Let’s take an example to highlight this. In a family, a mother is always more concerned and bothered about the moods of their children as compared to the father. She not only monitors the physical but the emotional as well as psychological growth of her kids. This is due to the fact that women are more into emotions than into the materialistic world. Whereas men are always busy making money and is hardly left with any time to connect himself with the emotional changes in his kids.

Men are more into practical life and could not free their mind sets to capture their mind as long as they are into work. So the conclusion derived is that women stands equal to men but are emotionally expressive where as men who are also filled with emotions do not show off and act to be practical.

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