Who Will be the PM?

For quite some time now the media was speculating that Mr. Nitish Kumar will leave the NDA and go with the UPA. Although he himself kept on asserting that he is with the NDA, media remained unfazed. Congress was also trying to woo him by again and again praising his good work and calling him on his secular credentials. It was only after the NDA rally in Punjab where he and Mr. Modi alongwith other NDA Chief Ministers shared the same stage, that the two stopped.

But today the Bihar CM finally talked something different from NDA and said I’ll support whoever gives special status to Bihar. This from his side is first indication that he is also open to other options.

In my last post General Elections 2009 I briefly talked about two probables who might have a shot at the top post. Some analysts believe both Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde and Mr. Sharad Pawar can emerge as strong contenders at the last moment; just to prevent NDA from forming a government congress can definitely go to any extend and allowing a minority third front government at the centre is nothing new to them. But today a new name has emerged which has become the talk of the tinsel town [the results will be out tomorrow, but like everyone else let us also state all the names which can even faintly make it there].

After Mr. Nitish Kumar’s statement speculations are being made that he might go with the UPA. But will he risk his Bihar government in order to support the UPA. He might! The assembly elections in Bihar are due next year. He can emerge as a hero; for getting special status to Bihar he sacrificed his government. But then the NDA can also give special status to Bihar, so why not have it by being in the power. Why should he go with UPA then?

In order to keep the BJP out of power and give a final blow to the NDA the congress as the last resort might support Nitish led government at the centre. The Left will have no problems with him, the congress will have no problems with him and the third front won’t have any problem with him.

In all the permutations and combinations we now have another name to add, but at the end who will be the PM? We will soon find out. By this time tomorrow a lot will be clearer.

P.S. It is strange that all the news channels are talking about in which way a congress government will be formed; it will be this way or that. None is saying that BJP or NDA have slightest chance of doing so Mr. Advani’s name is nowhere on their list of probable PMs, all they talk about is will UPA government be formed with left support? Will Nitish support congress? Who from third front will be part of congress led government?

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