Outta Big Boss!!!

When you do something for a very long time you become immune to it. This is what happens with all the students [atleast it happened with me]. After giving exams for some what 15 years, I got used to them. I stopped worrying about them, I stopped thinking about them. The date-sheets lost their meaning; they lost the zeal and became a routine.

But after a break of over 18 months, this time they ought to be special. The tension was back, the nervous moments were back; everything which was lost is back big time. So these exams were special, and when they are finished [well not technically, as two which were postponed are still left] am feeling ecstatic. Finished exams are not the only reason behind this feeling. There is more to it; finally I got to get out of the ‘Big Boss’ house.

No am not talking about the 2nd season finishing [or was it 3rd? don’t know for sure, am not into this bog boss thing, the one or two episodes which I have seen didn’t caught my fancy and appeared to be the most stupid thing anyone can watch]. Am talking about me getting out of the ‘Big Boss’, literally. During my college I live in Noida only, in a rented flat with two other friends of mine. 5 days a week am there and on weekends I come back to my ‘home town’ [My home town Delhi].

But as exams were round the corner, on the weekend before exams and during the exams as well, we decided not to come back home, stay put there only and study. So for 3 weeks we stayed there, didn’t come back and supposedly studied.

These 21 days were the most difficult days of my life, mainly for 2 reasons. One was the exams, and the other Big Boss’s house. You might be wondering what the story about Big Boss’s house is.

During these 3 weeks we were trapped in our flat. We didn’t go out, neither to college nor for the fun outings, as exams were due next week. Here we don’t have any television for entertainment or to keep us update about the happenings around. Also during routine college we are most of the time in the college, so we didn’t subscribe for any newspaper.  We do connect to net using our mobiles but more often than not it is not working. Except for the updates about the notes and syllabus [that too through sms] we were not talking to any other friend. In a nut shell we were totally alien from the world [we came to know about the Mumbai incident after more than 24 hours]. Does it sound familiar? Yes it was an ideal Big Boss set-up.

It was there I realized how hard these living conditions can be. How much frustrating it is to see the same two faces again and again; night and day, no one to talk except the inmates; nothing to do except studying. And yes cooking your own food. Every time you are hungry you need to cook, even eating [which used to be a leisure activity] became a burden.

Stuck with two people [who after sometime starts appearing to be morons; am sure they also have developed the same opinion] with same jokes and stories to tell. Same response to every situation, their habits, their ways of doing things, coping with them 24X7, everything starts getting on the nerve. To top it all, you can’t say or do anything about it. It starts to simmer inside and slowly and slowly it becomes annoying and irritating.

I can understand now, why all contestants on the Big Boss always appeared to be so freaked out and idiotic. Why were they so lousy with their behaviour all the time? Everything is crystal clear and they have my sympathy. But this doesn’t mean, just because I’ve been through it, I’ll start watching it or I’ve become a fan or something. It’s good that am out of there, for however brief period of time.

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  1. Hey…Mate finally you have realized the truth
    Go back a few months in time and you will remember the words of Wisdom i gave you..
    “People with whom you are spending quality time with them(Say 6-7 hours a day) are real good but once you are with them 24*7 things changes “as written by you and moreover theory applies on you the orther person thinks about you the same.
    This is a universal Fact mate… i have suffered from this for quite some time.

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