Why I love Rains?

Rains are a part of the large weather cycle which we have in India and Delhi particularly. Due to the distance from sea we experience extreme continental climate in the national capital, varying with five seasons- summers, monsoon, autumn, winters and spring. Today in the morning all of a sudden the day from sunny changed to cloudy. It was a pleasant surprise to see a thick cloud cover on a bright sunny day, with cool and fast wind blowing. Sometime after it started to rain, first slowly and then a real downpour which is nowadays rare even during the monsoon. There is something very special about rainy days and monsoon. This is particularly my favourite season, and this unscheduled rainfall provided me with a reason to write a post on rains which was overdue for a long time [as long time back I was provided with the idea of writing a post about rains and what is special about them by a smarty].

When I think about rains, so many things come to my mind. But everytime it rains I fail to understand as to what is in it that rejuvenates? Why rains are a symbol of happiness? Why we can’t stop ourselves from cheering? Simply putting, why I love rains?

Why I love rains? Is it the smell of the soil after the first rain? The light smell from the ground after the first downpour has a mesmerising effect. One can not help noticing and appreciating it. As soon as we get the smell it has a new refreshing feel. Is it just this smell or the washed and renewed atmosphere adding to the overall beauty?

Why I love rains? Sitting on a window in some corner of my house, looking out at the falling rain drops for hours, thinking about something or nothing [doesn’t really matters] enjoying every drop as it falls from nowhere and is lost somewhere. This is an activity with unmatched pleasure and it is so peaceful, that it is difficult to describe in words.

Why I love rains? No matter night or day, I love when it rains in the dark. There is an unknown mystery about it. A feeling of mysticism perhaps or just the shear thrill of listening to the falling rain drops but not seeing them. The sound of cool breeze blowing in a rush to go somewhere, splash of minute rain drops on my face and a sudden tinkle.

Why I love rains? Sitting in the balcony [while it is raining] with a hot cappuccino [tea might be in your case] and ‘garama garam pakode’ is an unmatched combination. I love it, when they make me forget about all the tensions and problems. Living in the present, not worrying about the future and enjoying every moment of the scenic beauty when tress are greener and winds purer.

Why I love rains? Rains are so romantic. The ‘awesome-mausam’ always has a magical effect. It brings memories from the past and moments of the present. The feelings which are lost somewhere in the daily rush, gets a new life.

Why I love rains? The mistakes which we made and the mistakes which are still committing has made this wonderful gift of nature a little scarce, specially at places like the national capital. Just the idea of rains is exhilarating in itself. I love it because even a meagre thought of it brings joy.

Why I love rains? I love it, when it drenches me, when people run for cover and then steps out to live the moment. I love it when children splash water on each other and laugh their hearts out. I love it when am trying to be cautious of keeping my clothes clean and then all of a sudden they are covered with muddy water. I love rains because I love them. 

I do not know if I’ll be lucky enough to have this love of my life with me tomorrow or not. But I do know that not all people love it as much as I do. For them these rains are a reason of water clogged roads, traffic jams, delays in work and a normal day messed up with water. The first thing which they say after seeing a rainy day is ‘oh shit’ [atleast say ‘oh water’, it is not shit falling from the top]. Tomorrow whatever the weather will be, but one thing is for sure that all the newspapers will be filled with pictures of different parts of Delhi with water clogged roads and traffic jams. But it doesn’t matter, because we love rains.

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