HK Memories- First Step!!!

Unlike before, this time I am keeping up with my initial plan and schedule both; hence it’s time for beginning my Hong Kong experience. While on the trip, I was asked again and again [by all those who knew about my blog, my HONG KONG trip and were in contact; so this makes the number very miniscule] if I’ll be writing about it? What will I be writing; if I got something to write etc? Frankly speaking neither I had answer to any of the question at that time nor have I now.

The whole experience was spectacular and am enchanted to the heights; something which had not happened in the recent time. Also all of it happened so fast that am still not able to come at terms with it [that’s why no post about it for so long]. But now I guess I should start bringing my thoughts together and once they are may be I’ll have better memories to cherish.

Let’s start from the beginning; the way this trip got planned and the plan was executed is a story in itself. One of my cousins is an investment banker with ICICI in HONG KONG for quite sometime now; hence a visit was on cards but nothing substantial was happening. I didn’t know when me and my brother will be going, we had not really gave it a thought, but one thing was sure if nothing happens by the second weekend of march then the program will be postponed for sometime [as my exams are suppose to be scheduled in April].

When I got home on Friday the 6th, after playing Holi in college, it was already 4’o clock. My mom asked me if we are still on for HONG KONG and I was like I don’t know let me see if tickets are available; Saturday was fully booked but tickets for Friday night Air India flight were available. My parents said get them booked [to be honest I thought you gotta be kidding me]; at 5 in the evening they are asking me to get tickets for the 11’o clock flight, but they were not.

I called my cousin in HONG KONG to inform him about our plan and confirm if he is free or not [you know to avoid we land in HONG KONG and he somewhere else scenario] and at 5:30 two tickets for HONG KONG were booked. Then I called my brother and asked him to come home soon, as we were going to HONG KONG. My mom called my maternal aunt to inform her about our plan and ask if she has anything to send. At 6 she called another aunt and asked if my other cousin is interested to go, she said yes. At 6:30 a third ticket was booked and my bro was home. At 7 my uncle came with some stuff for my cousin in HONG KONG. At 7:30 my cousin came, at 7:45 my other maternal aunt was there and by 8 we had already left for the airport. Somewhere around 9 we were in airport, checked in our luggage and at 11 boarded the plane and before we can realize what just happened, we were on our way to HONG KONG.

I can’t furnish anymore details of these 5-6 hours as there are none. None of my friends knew about me leaving except two who called during the whole process and I said am in a hurry and talk to you next week once am back.

While in the plane I was still wondering if this is true and in the morning we will actually be in HONG KONG. When we woke up, we were flying above the HONG KONG airport and landed in no time. After getting cleared from the immigration we were ready to sett foot on HONG KONG soil. On the airport itself we got a HONG KONG mobile no. called our cousin and back home; informed them about our arrival; took further directions from our cousin, boarded the bus on route- A21 from airport and got down as instructed by him at Tsim Sha Tsui [well actually we missed the stop he had told us and got down at the next one]. From there called him again and he asked us to start moving towards Hill wood road and we will see him, and yes we can. He was walking towards us with a big smile on his face, and we were walking with excitement, sense of achievement, astonishment [God knows what else] and off course a big smile. . . .

contd. . . .

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