Michael Clayton

The movie is nominated for the Oscars. Do I need to say anything more? I don’t know if it will be able to bag one or not? But I do know that this time again Clooney has scored a home run. Looks like this man is swore not to do anything wrong, when it comes to choosing a role and selecting a script.

This is the story of a stylish lawyer Michael Clayton [George Clooney], of a big shot law firm. He is popularly known as fixer, whose job is to clean up the mess created by their rich and famous celebrity clients [although his personal life is pretty messed up itself]. So he calls his work is that of a janitor. He is not very happy with his job, and with a new assignment, the toughest of his career he starts showing the signs of rotting.This leads to introspect of conscience and finally he decides to turn the tables, and do it with conviction and brilliance, if you want to know how? Then watch it yourself.


1. “State’s Attorneys” was the fake title under which prints were shipped.

2. It is the only movie at Oscars 2008 to receive more than one acting nominations.

3. Clayton’s date of birth is told to be September 1959. In the movie he tells his age to be 45, making the story of the year 2004-05.

There is nothing much to say about the movie, as I did not found anything wrong with it. It is an intense drama and a gripping thriller. All the performances have been very well pulled off, but Clooney is definitely pick of the lot. The movie belongs to him and he does not let you forget this even for a single minute. In my opinion you can’t miss it and with all the Oscar nominations you really don’t want to.

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