Raging Road Rage. . .

A road is a place where each day each of us spends a substantial amount of our time. A speeding motor vehicle, breaking a traffic signal is not the rarest of the view which we don’t get to see. And when we see a biker doing the job, the sight becomes even more common. So yesterday when I saw two men riding on a bike, trying to jump a red light, I did not found the phenomena very stimulating or unusual. After their failed attempt the pillion rider of the bike opened the visor of his helmet and I got to see his face. He was an old man, of age in late 60s [I presumed that he must have given a good lecture to the driver on the idiotic attempt which he just made]. But surprise to me came, when I got to see the face of the driver, he was again an old man, even older than the previous one [and my presumption was proved wrong]. So first of all kudos to them for riding a bike at this age [generally people are a bit reluctant to do so after a certain age] and then they should be given some bravery award for the attempt which they made, at their age and at a traffic signal on the outer ring road [which by any means, is one of the busiest road intersection of Delhi].

The point is not about breaking of a traffic signal, it is about the potential perpetuators. To most of us it might appear as when everyone does it than why can’t an old man do it? Very true, they are equal citizen of India and breaking the law is their birth right, which no one can deny them. But the point to ponder is actually about their age. At the age of 60 or 70 plus someone trying to jump a red light at busy intersection is evident enough to show in how much haste and how much impatient they were or for that matter everyone is, when they are on the road. An age where people tend to slow down, they are far more patient and wiser than the younger lot, they did something equally daring and foolish. And this is not the case of just these two men, but almost each and everyone who is on a road, is a potential violator itching to do it.

In recent times we have seen a sudden splurge in cases of road rage. And due to the above itch, the chances of people getting into a scuffle on the road are increasing every minute. Everybody is in a hurry to reach somewhere, and in this hurry they tend to break laws, get in some minor or major accident with someone and then they are ready to waste infinite amount of time in arguing and fighting. Now they are in no hurry to reach the destination and will continue to fight till the end of the planet. More often than not this argument turns violent and the result we all know. Almost every other day in the newspaper we get to read a story or two about someone being beaten up by someone on the road. People have actually started carrying baseball bats and hockey sticks in their cars for situations like these.

The impatience of people is evident from the fact, that even while standing on a red light they tend to blow horns [i don’t understand with what in their mind they blow them? Do they think others are standing there deliberately because they enjoy standing?]. The point is not just about blowing horns or breaking signals but about what ail people when they are on road. People no longer enjoy driving, but it is like a burden which is killing them everytime they are on these means roads. And when all this crosses its limit, we have another incidence of road rage.

So next time you are on a road try not to be in any hurry. Try not to be the one involved in an argument with someone because both of you refused to stop. Try not to get late in pursuit of the early reaching task. Try to enjoy driving and not because you have to do it. Take it as a pleasure and not a burden.

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