Random Thoughts of a Scattered Mind

A war within, And I am the one losing,

So many options, but I am not the one choosing.

Tied to bones, I don’t know how to break free,

Is my Lord listening, will he set me free.

The war is killing me, as the battles continues,

Multiple thoughts invading, turning my brain into ruins.

The night is dark and I am lost.

Which path to choose in this dark crossroads.

I do not do what I want to do,

and I do not know what I want to do.

voices inside my head, quarrel and fight.

Is there a dawn to this night?

In this hive of random thoughts,

There is a voice strong enough.

Telling me to carry on,

as the dawn awaits for me at next step.

just a night before Siva embraces.

I pursuit for excellence, and that is my job.

I may fail, but I need to carry on.

There will be hurdles and there will be pain.

But all these are meant for my gain.

Siva is waiting with the open arms.

He is calling us and we have to respond.

May the world be never the same again,

All feel the love and let there be no pain.

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