Deccan Chargers: From Rags to Riches

Hello Folks!

So the old Procrastinator is back, If you do not remember me, then I shall redirect you to my last post. Well I am not here to talk about myself, as the title suggest, I am going to analyze story of Deccan Chargers from here on in my post they will be known as AC/DC( One Very good friend of mine named them Aussie Chargers). So AC/DC completed a perfect turnaround from last years tourney(IPL08 famous for the infamous slap gate). If any of you are by chance suffering from STML(Short Term Memory Loss, All Credit to Ghajjini Bhaisaab) Last year AC/DC finished last with Wooden Spoon in hand and this year they won it fair and square, Fair and Square with as much as 3 Aussies in line up (Gilli The Monk, Roy The Trouble Kid and Lesser known Harris and to add icing on cake Gibbs who did not tour India coz he was to be inquired By our own Delhi Police in Match Fixing Case) is a highly improbable thing but lets do not touch it right now.

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