Surviving the Work Place . . . Look Buzy – Take it Easy !!!

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Once you are out of college, you begin with a new chapter of life, initially everyone is excited about it, thinking about the money and stuff. But sooner than later everyone starts fighting a war of survival, which is not easy to win. So there are few basic things to be kept in mind with which you can adapt to those difficult times to survive; follow these, and your life will be much easier.

Employees get loads of wisdom about managing your personal and professional life. Maintaining work-life balance. How not to be stressed because of work, handling stress and all; bullshit! That is all designed to keep the employess in a false sense of good being done for them. The only mantra to beat the work blues, stress, pressure and frustration is to ‘Look buzy and take it easy’.

We learned this golden rule during MBA and Akshat Sharma first documented it on Zhagdoo, and since then it has helped numerous frustrated and disappointed souls. LOOK BUZY, TAKE IT EASY is the condensed output of years of wisdom of smart workers (pun intended) across the globe, defined in one line.

Technically speaking, my post is over and there is nothing more to say. But for all those who are clueless about how to pull this feat, then there is an expanded version of it, for which continue reading.

The basic objective is to be busy without being busy or being busy without business, so

  1. Doesn’t matter if you work or not; you should be concerned about work. It is the effort that matters, so always be concerned about your work and what is going on in the office. Being concerned doesn’t mean you have to start working as well. Even being concerned about who will be doing the work, is good enough.
  2. Show all of that concern. More importantly, doesn’t matter if you are concerned or worried about work or not; but you should be showing ample concern. The whole idea is to make everyone aware of your concern and they should believe that you are immensely concerned about work. Your job is done.
  3. Use computer all the time. This wonderful machine was invented to ease your work pressure; so put it to use. Even if you are chatting with your friends or playing cards, whenever you are busy on your system, it gives an impression you are working. Remember don’t smile (while chatting) or give obvious expressions (while watching porn); always have a straight serious face, preferably showing some annoyance and tension.
  4. Always walk with documents in your hand. People should not feel you are roaming unnecessarily. Even if you are going to check out that hottie in HR, always carry some papers with you. If possible carry your laptop along, it seems either you are going for a meeting or coming from one.
  5. Reply to emails at odd hours. Anything after midnight and or on holidays work just fine, gives an impression of being extremely busy, time crunch and you working all the time.
  6. Always work during the lunch hours. It is fine if you are chatting, sleeping, roaming during the whole day; but you should only be working during the lunch hour. You cannot do anything else, except work, during lunch break. Lunch is meant to show how much work pressure you have and how serious you are about your job, make full use of it.
  7. Leave late from the office. The company has state of the art air conditioning, high-speed Internet connection, tea, coffee and other facilities for you. Stay back and enjoy them.
  8. Don’t talk on phone in first instance, tell them you are little busy and will call back later. Don’t call back immediately, but after an hour or so. If the call was for some work, then good riddance and if it was to scold you, then by the time you will call back they would have already cooled down.
  9. Maintain a messy desk. Always keep your desk messy with stacks of files and documents. Get thick books and keep them around you and on the table. Always remember people with clean desk, are never working hard enough.
  10. Sigh! Yes you heard it; just give a dramatic sigh every now and then. It releases the pressure; atleast gives an impression. You appear to be tired and exhausted of work, you will get a well-earned break, and others will always be envy of all the hard work you are doing.

And for all those who are some how not able to manage all these and find follwoing these rules difficult, then there is another age old mantra, which is not as effective as the golden rule, but still can do the trick – STOP CRIBBING AND START WORKING!

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