The 6 to 9 show. . .

I guess the timing for this post can’t be any better. In the New Year post we talked about drinking, so let us continue it in this first 6 to 9 show of the year 2009. I won’t be talking about the place where I am sitting right now, as it is not about it or its ambience; but about the people in front of me.

When my fellow residents of this apartment decided to visit ‘the party’ i.e. the JAAM session [in case you don’t know about ‘the party’ I suggest you refer to my New Year post] I knew I have some 2-3 hours atleast to kill on my own. So after watching Slumdog Millionaire [no comments on it as I’ve already written one complete post on it]; and playing guitar for whatever brief period of time I can, I set out on the hunt for a new 6 to 9 show. I visited a few places before finally settling here in Café Coffee Day [or CCD as it is popularly known].

Personally I don’t like CCD. No it is nothing to do with products or the services, infact it is a great place for killing time. One cup of cappuccino and you can stare at your loved ones for hours; it just brings back some memories which are best forgotten [this is a long story and am not in a mood to talk about it].

Still I went there because my table on the first floor terrace provided me with a perfect view of the happenings out on the road. Coming directly to the point of discussion i.e. a group of five guys on the road. The moment I saw them I knew I have tonight’s entertainment. The best part about such groups is that they don’t give a damn anything. They are busy with their business and do whatever they want to. In a nut shell they are bunch of nuts that enjoy themselves by appearing stupid and hence are called GAPS [group at peak stupidity]. They even look disgusting when they are back from some ‘jaam session’. So you can either watch them and feel disgusted or just laugh about it like them. I’ll choose the latter.

After looking at them it is easily inferable that they belong to the jaam session category, as the stupidity is at its peak. What acts they are engaging in, is anybody’s guess. You know the usual jokes which are aimed at someone among the group itself. Laughing at unusually high pitch; passing comments on the passers and etc etc. . . .

It’s already 20 minutes and they have not yet changed their position which is very unusual in such kind of outing. The idea here is to be on a constant move, so that you keep on coming across new passers without any interruption. I think if I’ll leap a little forward I might know the reason for their unusually long stoppage. . . . No! nothing is visible right now, a little more! A little more, a little more [and I’ll be down on the road with them]. Finally the lady luck smiled and I can see the reason for their delay; not one but many reasons and very cute reasons. There is a bunch of some 5-6 gals sitting below my chair and chatting.

Among all the passers a couple is the best and most vulnerable option to exploit. But a bunch of gals is the evergreen hot topic of discussion and it makes a very nice NSP [Nain sukh prapti] as well. I don’t think they will be moving unless and until the ladies decides to do so, and that will take a while. So I guess its time for me to move on as am almost done with my cappuccino and have started feeling disgusting about them.

The odd 40 minutes which I spent here, out of which 30 were gone in looking at a bunch of drunkards made something clear to me. It is true that under the influence of alcohol people do tend to act strangely, but more often than not this influence is not real. After jaam sessions it is the person’s psyche that makes him do things [on pretext of being drunk] he would have not done under normal circumstances. Blaming alcohol for people’s behavior is ain’t just, I guess.

Well this is my perception don’t know how much correct is it. If you have any of yours do let me know. Till then keep looking for GAPS and laughing else NSP is an equally good option.

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