AAP – Aam Avenger’s Party

AAP is not a political party; it is not a gang of anarchists as well (no matter how much pride Mr. Arvind Kejriwal may take in claiming himself to be one), but it’s a band of superheroes, who have put aside their egos, personal differences and come together to fight for justice and greater good. This is Aam Avengers Party, out there to save the country or the Congress (I am not sure to whom their loyalty is) and if they can’t save it, then they sure will avenge it.

Before I start writing, the credit for this post goes to @attomeybharti, a parody account of AAP leader Mr. Somnath Bharti on twitter. The day Somath Bharti went onto his midnight escapade of saving the city and breaking the law, first thought in mind was, aila Delhi superhero, and I guess with that same thought, @attomeybharti made Somnath Bharti ‘aam Batman’ on Twitter.  Continue reading “AAP – Aam Avenger’s Party”

A new beginnig…

Its 2 O’clock at night and I have nothing to write or say. 29th July was my last post and since then for almost 4 months I am drawing a blank when it comes to writing. Not that nothing interesting has happened, in this otherwise oh so boring life, but I don’t know why the need to write which was once there has somewhat died. Guess this is what a year of working does to your hobbies and interests. Anything which does not need any kind of effort from me is what the only thing now I do and that is to lie on the couch and watch television.  Continue reading “A new beginnig…”

Surviving the Work Place . . . Look Buzy – Take it Easy !!!

свети минаПравославни икони

Once you are out of college, you begin with a new chapter of life, initially everyone is excited about it, thinking about the money and stuff. But sooner than later everyone starts fighting a war of survival, which is not easy to win. So there are few basic things to be kept in mind with which you can adapt to those difficult times to survive; follow these, and your life will be much easier. Continue reading “Surviving the Work Place . . . Look Buzy – Take it Easy !!!”

Riding with Bharatiya Rail!!!

It was around four and a half hour train ride from Shanghai to Taizhou, and while on it I remembered my last train ride in India, which wasn’t a long time ago, some two months back when I went to Mumbai to attend a business exhibition. Personally speaking I prefer traveling by train more than an airplane or by bus. But if it is a short distance of some 4-5 hours, then I like driving there. Continue reading “Riding with Bharatiya Rail!!!”

Pirates on Stranger Tides…

I am late by a week for this post; this review should have been posted on last Friday. Anyways I watched Pirates of the Caribbean – On stranger Tides last Sunday and guess long absence from writing movie reviews is the reason for delay. The reason of absence is not that I am not watching movies, I am every weekend, weekday; anytime when I get time and the frequency is at its peak. I am beating my record of extended summer vacations of 2003 (the one after 10th class exams, during these three months  only thing which I did in scorching heat was watch movies at home). Continue reading “Pirates on Stranger Tides…”

Lets hope it do. . .

I never thought I would see the light of this day. On 14th of this month, I officially completed my first year of full time working. This was the year in which I did nothing else, but work. Although I had thought of writing this post earlier many times, but typing down something about which you are not clear about, is not easy. I am not sure, if finishing the college has been a high point of my life or not? Because most of the times I am upset rather than being happy. Continue reading “Lets hope it do. . .”

Sea is Salty!! Air is Cool & Dry!!

After so many days I felt like writing, probably this is my second post after getting into job stuff. People says “ naukri wale logo ki zindagi badi confined rehti hai, week days (9 to 5) and on week end total aaram “.I agree to it but partially, as I like to move out of confinement and that is why on most of the weekends I never stayed at home. It’s been six long months since I joined this organization said to be an MNC and I never realized how fast time travels. I felt couple of times to write on my training program but never got time to materialize my thoughts. Continue reading “Sea is Salty!! Air is Cool & Dry!!”

Edge of Darkness . . .

After almost a decade, Mel Gibson returns to the big screen with Edge of Darkness. When someone of Gibson’s stature returns then surely you can’t miss it [like it was hard to miss Schumacher’s return to F-1]. But just like Schumacher’s dismissal performance, Edge of Darkness too is dull. That’s it, I said it in one line, and now you may read on if you are a big fan of the ‘Braveheart’ ‘Patriot’. Continue reading “Edge of Darkness . . .”

The A Team . . .

There is a golden rule I follow whenever I go to watch an action movie; I leave my brain back home and trust me the results are spectacular. I don’t crib this is impossible and this more impossible. I don’t suffer from brain damage due to all the blowing and shooting. And most importantly I don’t need any brain to figure out the story or the characters. Now if you can do this, then you should definitely go and watch ‘The A- Team’ and you will come out of the movie theatre a happy man. Continue reading “The A Team . . .”

Fishing for Compliments!!!

Everyone like compliments! I don’t remember coming across someone who do not like being complimented; there are people who do not like being complimented by someone in particular, whatever the reason may be [may be they sound more like comment and lesser compliment], but all in all everybody like receiving compliments. Continue reading “Fishing for Compliments!!!”

Shutter Island . . .

Nothing amuses me more than psychological suspense thrillers with a pinch of horror in it, and when the making team comprises of Scorsese and DiCaprio then you can’t miss this ride and hence I didn’t. It was a long wait for Indian viewers before they actually released it; I had started to lose hope of it ever getting released in India. Continue reading “Shutter Island . . .”

Prince Of Persia Sands of Time

I was around 10 years old when I first played Prince of Persia first on the black and white CRT monitors. That was the first real game which I played on computer and I had no idea that it is the beginning of a lifetime affair. Today as I write this post, I am still playing Prince of Persia, the difference is now the monitors are LCD, the graphics 3D and the story has reached to Prince of Persia – The Forgotten Sands. For those of you who don’t know, Prince of Persia Sands of Time is the movie based on a game of the same name, and in the gaming series there are three more, Forgotten Sands being the latest. So when I came to know about POP movie being made I know I have to watch it. Continue reading “Prince Of Persia Sands of Time”