Men And Women – Are They Equal???

There have been a number of discussions questioning on the equality of men and women. If this question would have been asked few decades back when woman was actually confined to the home management and were not allowed to express herself rightly, my answer would have been ‘No, they are not equal’. But today the way woman is living in this so called man’s world I can say that they both are equal. Without being biased I want to put forth certain points that will prove my point convincingly and I hope everyone will agree to them… Continue reading “Men And Women – Are They Equal???”


Equality means so many different things to different people. If one observes there are so many issues that come up with equality.What I want to talk about today is the basic fundamental idea of equality.Equality among human beings.The fact that all human beings are equal no matter what country they belong to , no matter what colour their skin is ,no matter what their religion ,caste or creed is.For so many years we have had seen white supremacy.Can we actually call a person superior because of the complexion of the skin he or she has?For many years the answer was yes.But now we see that people do not actually believe it to be like that.Barack H Obama being the president of the United States Of America says a lot about people’s mentality on the issue. Continue reading “A THOUGHT ON EQUALITY”