Sea is Salty!! Air is Cool & Dry!!

After so many days I felt like writing, probably this is my second post after getting into job stuff. People says “ naukri wale logo ki zindagi badi confined rehti hai, week days (9 to 5) and on week end total aaram “.I agree to it but partially, as I like to move out of confinement and that is why on most of the weekends I never stayed at home. It’s been six long months since I joined this organization said to be an MNC and I never realized how fast time travels. I felt couple of times to write on my training program but never got time to materialize my thoughts.
The one year training started with a four week long class room training program. We [Delhi trainees] were joined by trainees from BOM,BLR ,MAA[mind it this is how company likes to call it. Wo! MAA is not maa!! But Chennai branch]. Initially I was bit shocked, stunned to realize what’s going on as I felt to be on PLANET X with aliens around. It took me almost a week to understand that I share some thing in common with at least DEL trainees and i.e. [they are part of Northern INDIA, nothing else.]. The characters of my story [training] were total filmi. You can easily understand that, I went through a Big Boss sort of thing.
Chandru [from MAA], the most entertaining character drew the most of the attention and most of the time. Initially nobody realized about his illness [mental illness to be precise] but later each day he was the centre of attraction [everybody wanted to know what new he has done]. Rest of the trainees were no fine even, I tried to remain in the Delhi group [so as to be myself & to avoid being converted]. As the classroom training came to an end nervousness started as I was going to hit the work floor for the first time.
The code allotted to us (trainees) was also quiet strange” DEL ET or Extra Territorial”, once I got totally confused,[ki yaar mai to join kitta si as a MT ye ET shiti ki hai?], then somebody told, you will get to know it slowly, slowly.
27th of July I believe was the day I entered the bay to join my one of the pals {Amb} who has already joined the department [Sea Imports] couple of days prior to me. The department appeared to me like a bunker, alienated from rest of the floor [I don’t why?].
We never felt new to department as we found a new graduate from a last years ET batch, his name was [shaakal] but believe me don’t go by his name. I started very slowly to understand thing s unlike Amb, who always complained to me for my slow work [I just don’t want commit any mistake]. People in the department were really good to us all the time and have the same feeling for us till now [probably because we were the first pair under them]. Most notable character was shaakal not only for the obvious reason that he made us learn things faster but also because of his robot like working [he never eated anything, only chewed ]. The reason for this was the excessive work load [we were at our toes most of the times] I must confess that I, learned a lot under him; to us he was the real mentor @ that time, hats off to him. Most of the days were more like Saas-bahu serial type [people in the company knows why!], the drama was source of our entertainment.
After five weeks of tight schedule we were almost grounded @ Sea Exports. I never realized what is it like to be working on a chair until and unless my immediate boss transferred me to The Scanning Desk…[u will come to know later why it is in capitals]. The Desk belonged to Bengali Sallu Bhai [ named changed ] and now we were under him. Sallu bhai somewhere 5ft 4’ is been in company for many years and as per my info never been in bad books for his work. He has been almost perfect in his work [for the obvious reason that he is doing same stuff for years]. I don’t know y, I always wanted to do something big here. The job allotted to us was scanning of documents and arranging files as per ISO format. Sallu was bit happy[ no very happy] because of all good work done by the other pair of ETs {Kaala & Kaali} & their acceptance of Sallu’s bossy attitude[which no one entertains in office not even Praveenji (peon)]. On third day onwards we were taking care of scanning desk completely [as Sallu bhai has a lot of free time]. Since we were new Amb & I had bit confusion in preparing the ISO files for what all documents are to be kept and what all are to be thrown, as on number of occasions we were being caught for dumping original docs.
Just to avoid this thing again we decided to work the FBI way [to leave no proofs]. Out of ignorance or fun what was it “we deposited countless docs to bins”. The humorous part of entire scene was that Sallu bhai trusted us blindly [hehehehe]. One morning [Sallu] was in the cabin [ head in downwards direction ], by that time we moved ahead and now there was call from the back ”Amb zara idhar aana, ye sab usne kiya hai na “ [fun: I m listening to all conversation]. Literally Sallu was crying with non stop tape “ye sab usne kiya hai na “. We never laughed so much when somebody was crying that why [as sallu bhai was in the dustbins for torn out docs] and now we knew that what we have done. It was the humorous day of my corporate life. Other than this the department was full of blame game. The working was such as there exist a chain and if chain gets stuck from any point, all of them are pulled to that point with a pain full jerk.
In sea people were good but very few understood what it is like to be a trainee. At times understanding the practical nature and use of Management training program for the people on the floor, I motivated myself.[just like finance people know about ghost amounts, we were like the A/C where any body can transfer his or her crime and gets a clear pass.]
Towards the start of November we were in Air, as we had enough taste of Sea’s salty water. The first FB upload was “The Air is so cool”. Unlike Sea which gave us the feel of pirates, Air made us felt for more heaven like situation. Less work for ETs, no chain mechanism, individual work stations [seriously I liked it man!!]. This department had beauties [mind it all sort of, harmless as well as dangerous]. We tried to avoid complex situation most of the time. The only thing that annoyed us was putting up late; this is because of timely feminine departure at 1730 hours but that was still okay. We only feared from two words in AIR that are: – CODE RED & ALICE ARM but were able to complete exports quiet comfortably.
My entire six months training duration was full of mixed experiences, but as a trainee the thing I felt the most was like a tennis ball [players keep smashing it in opponents court].
Even though the sea is Salty and Air is cool & dry. I would love to be a part of Sea’s pirate team in order to remain near ground.
As of now I have much to tell about those two words because what happened in Air imports, I had feared the most. So I have decided to write it separately, shortly.

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