HK Memories- Disney Land & Ocean Park

The interrogating officer at the HONG KONG airport told us about four places which are a must see in HONG KONG viz. The Ocean Park, Disney land, The Peak and The Big Budha. Actually these four are the officially declared tourist spots in HONG KONG so whosoever goes to HONG KONG pays them a visit and now it was our turn. Continue reading “HK Memories- Disney Land & Ocean Park”

HK Memories- First Step!!!

Unlike before, this time I am keeping up with my initial plan and schedule both; hence it’s time for beginning my Hong Kong experience. While on the trip, I was asked again and again [by all those who knew about my blog, my HONG KONG trip and were in contact; so this makes the number very miniscule] if I’ll be writing about it? What will I be writing; if I got something to write etc? Frankly speaking neither I had answer to any of the question at that time nor have I now. Continue reading “HK Memories- First Step!!!”