Ride another day . . .

Every time you step out of the comfort zones of your homes and set upon a journey, no matter long or short, there are numerous adventures and experiences waiting for you from which you tend to learn a lot and while sitting in a train from Delhi to Hyderabad, I cannot think of a better way to utilize my time, then to write about this experience (though earlier attempts to write on recent outings to Indonesia, Assam and Uganda were a failure). Continue reading “Ride another day . . .”

Riding with Bharatiya Rail!!!

It was around four and a half hour train ride from Shanghai to Taizhou, and while on it I remembered my last train ride in India, which wasn’t a long time ago, some two months back when I went to Mumbai to attend a business exhibition. Personally speaking I prefer traveling by train more than an airplane or by bus. But if it is a short distance of some 4-5 hours, then I like driving there. Continue reading “Riding with Bharatiya Rail!!!”