Just Make It Simple!!!

After a long time I got some thing to write on, thanks to all the changes that occurred in my life in last 15 days or so. The enjoyment of my life was at its peak [and when u have reached the top, u have nowhere to go but to come down], it was sudden pat from god and within no time, like my other friends I was on 9 to 5 schedule. The very day I realized the importance of my freedom, I was sad but same time astonished to see the happiness of people around me. The reason was of course the “JOB”.  Any ways I shouldn’t really criticize at this point of time for it was hell more than a good break for me. Continue reading “Just Make It Simple!!!”

IPL: Is it worth a watch

Let me start of by saying that I don’t like watching cricket. I’m too impatient to spend my whole day or even worse, five days, in watching a match which is more or less the same throughout. Bowlers coming in and bowling, batsmen either hitting or getting out. It gets even worse when the batsmen are not hitting and not getting out either. The best part of a cricket match is last five minutes when you know it’s about to end and you know whose going to win or it can go either way. But no matter what’s going on, if Sachin Tendulkar is batting, I’ll watch it. I like watching Formula 1 races, or a Tennis match (if the player in it are the ones I support) or football (same story here, if I like the team or the club). These sports are not going to waste my whole day, they are full of excitement and the game can shift in an instant. Continue reading “IPL: Is it worth a watch”

. . . .

Except a handful of people, almost everyone I know told me to watch 3 Idiots and what a great movie it is. There was a time when it became the topic of discussion not only among students but during the class as well. Teachers started coating it and of course talked about characters and incidences every now and then. It was then that I finally decided to watch the movie, and to tell you the truth I did not liked it. Continue reading “. . . .”

Greater Good Talk

First of all Happy New Year. With New Year this year we thought of doing something new and hence in 2010 we officially kicked start www.greatergoodtalk.com

When we conceptualized GGT and launched it in Novemeber last year, the only thing in mind was to make a user interactive platform, a network between the users and those who are working for greater good. Beginning with this basic idea it is time to open the platform and start with the real work.

We want the users to tell us what they have in mind; what you want to know about Swami Ramdev? What you want to ask the man who single handedly gave Yoga a new life? To sum up we welcome all the questions which you always wanted to ask Swamiji; just leave a comment at http://www.greatergoodtalk.com/?p=19 , what you want this interaction to be like and we will do the rest.

Phrases Of The Past

After quiet a long time I got some thing to write on, generally I love to write something practical. Also you need to be bit care full as you might be knowing to what happened to one of the prominent writers of this blog. Any how this time I will be talking about famous phrases that has been used from centuries till now and there context/ relevance in this materialism spreaded all over. It was a discussion over my career [as u got to be checking your contacts for back up , placement season is on ] then suddenly there was shift over how things are proceeding these days , not for a particular category but for all . Since our childhood we have been listening number of phrases which our elders asks us to apply in our daily life but now its time question yourself [ do they really apply today?] ,basically there is need to reevaluate and modify such phrases . These phrases formed the core of discussion. Continue reading “Phrases Of The Past”


An earlier post which I had written ‘Catch-10’ was about my MBA college. I wrote the post in good humour, by making the fun of the college. When I wrote the post it was just to have a good laugh.

But I realize that the post have actually hurt the feelings of my teachers. My intentions were never to hurt my teachers or DG Sir. I have huge amount of respect for him, all the teachers and my college.

Still this is to apologize for hurting the feelings of my teachers, DG Sir, DC Sir and our Dean.


Die For Metal

Hey guys!! Guess who is back from the dead?? I know it’s been a really long time since my last post, but the thing is, I was suffering from something similar to writer’s block. I just couldn’t think of anything to write on. But then, one day, it hit me – like a bolt right out of the blue – Why don’t I write about my passion, music? Ever since I actually started listening to music, people started thinking that I have a weird taste [not that they didn’t think that earlier, but now they are just vocal about it]. And this is just because I prefer to listen to heavy metal and its’ related genres, and not the mainstream Bollywood crap. Continue reading “Die For Metal”


The recent news about the issue on racism in Australia has actually got me thinking about racism in a broader perspective . The issue that has been raised cannot entirely be called a race issue .The issue is about plagiarism rather .It has been discovered that a great number of students from India,Bangladesh and Pakistan have copied their masters thesis to in the IT programme . The anger of the Australian people are justified . Continue reading “PLAGIARISM OR RACISM?”

Plagiarism – A threat to Originality

Plagiarism is the biggest threat to originality. There are some important fields that badly demand the element of creativity. Let’s take the example of Bollywood industry that has a number of plagiarists who are earning great name and fame. I don’t understand the fact in spite of being such big plagiarists why are they being so loved and appreciated by the crowd of millions. Continue reading “Plagiarism – A threat to Originality”


I was just going through the articles on “The Times of India” on the late Rajmata Gayatri Devi . I went through her pictures where I got glimpse of the person that she was . There were many people commenting about her on her death . People had various opinions about the Rajmata and her death . I just happened to read a comment by a person , who has written that “what have we lost?” There were certain more things in the comment but the sentences that I would like to highlight are – “What have we lost?…….She has lived well………Has she done anything for the society ? Many middle class women are much better than her balancing their career and housework . ” Continue reading “RAJMATA GAYATRI DEVI”

‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’ – The Biggest Drama on TV

The queen of controversy has once again grabbed all the attention worldwide. I guess the TV channels are growing smarter day by day. The show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar on NDTV Imagine got started 3 weeks back. The idea of telecasting such a show is just to mark a hike in the TRP. Continue reading “‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’ – The Biggest Drama on TV”