A new beginnig…

Its 2 O’clock at night and I have nothing to write or say. 29th July was my last post and since then for almost 4 months I am drawing a blank when it comes to writing. Not that nothing interesting has happened, in this otherwise oh so boring life, but I don’t know why the need to write which was once there has somewhat died. Guess this is what a year of working does to your hobbies and interests. Anything which does not need any kind of effort from me is what the only thing now I do and that is to lie on the couch and watch television. 

Coming back to the writing subject, there were few things worth mentioning in these past few months. There was a short trip to Kasauli on 15th august and immediately after that, the result of my IAS prelims, which surprisingly I cleared. I finished with the main last Wednesday only, and despite of taking lot of off from office, I hardly did any study for these exams. As always I know the result will be a disappointment; another golden chance which I blew.

So why I am writing all this today at this hour? Honestly I don’t have an answer. The time is apt, given the history of my writing during these odd hours; but the content is totally absurd. But I want to, zhagdoo which I started some 4 years back, which saw some good piece of work, by my standards and which finally started to show in search results of google devta, almost died in terms of reader ship in past year, and the dry run of the last 4 months was the final nail in the coffin. another project of mine ‘www.greatergoodtalk.com’ died because of my inaction and that too after its inception and initialization, the day which only two projects have lived to see. And hence I am not sure if I want to give up on zhagdoo, as of yet. It is easier said than done, given my current state, when still I am only inclined on doing stuff which needs almost zilch effort on my part.

Yes still there is lot of planning about doing lot of stuff and yes there are lots of projects which have been conceptualized, but no they have not been started yet and I am not sure if they will see the light of day, but it will be a waste to let the one which saw a successful run to die like this. Some things need to be done and yes they will be done and although blogs like these which talk about anything and almost nothing have lost their charm, but still this is something worth saving for.

After spending some 30 minutes on this post I was not sure if I’ll actually post it on zhagdoo. But then what is the point of thinking about reviving it if the start is doubtful in itself, let this be a new beginning.


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