New Year; New Beginning 2009!!!

Happy New Year fellas! Unlike last year, I won’t take 12 days to make a post this time. But like last year, I am again clueless about exactly what this post should be? Like last year there are again so many things to talk; the New Year resolutions or the celebrations. Everyone was upset about the celebrations this time [read the disc, restaurant and pub etc owners]; due to slowdown the business was a little sluggish. But there is no point in talking about the two, as I had already rejected them last year. Still if you are interested then you can refer to my last year’s New Year post So what this post is about? I haven’t actually figured it out yet.

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New Year; New Beginning

This is the first post which I am posting in the new year so first of all happy new year to all [well I know it is a little late]. The delay in my making a post is not because I was too busy in my New Year celebrations, and had no time to make one. But because of the fact that this will be the first post of year 2008, so I was simply short of ideas about the subject. It is not that I was totally blank, infact I had a few plots but none of them materialized. So one might be wondering as to what the subject of this New Year post is, which almost took me 2 weeks to write. I think we will soon figure it out.

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