AAP – Aam Avenger’s Party

AAP is not a political party; it is not a gang of anarchists as well (no matter how much pride Mr. Arvind Kejriwal may take in claiming himself to be one), but it’s a band of superheroes, who have put aside their egos, personal differences and come together to fight for justice and greater good. This is Aam Avengers Party, out there to save the country or the Congress (I am not sure to whom their loyalty is) and if they can’t save it, then they sure will avenge it.

Before I start writing, the credit for this post goes to @attomeybharti, a parody account of AAP leader Mr. Somnath Bharti on twitter. The day Somath Bharti went onto his midnight escapade of saving the city and breaking the law, first thought in mind was, aila Delhi superhero, and I guess with that same thought, @attomeybharti made Somnath Bharti ‘aam Batman’ on Twitter.  Continue reading “AAP – Aam Avenger’s Party”