Fishing for Compliments!!!

Everyone like compliments! I don’t remember coming across someone who do not like being complimented; there are people who do not like being complimented by someone in particular, whatever the reason may be [may be they sound more like comment and lesser compliment], but all in all everybody like receiving compliments.

Then also complimenting people every now and then is a good habit; one feels good of one self on receiving compliment. But this doesn’t mean that you keep on giving everyone compliment for everything, too much compliments loose the sanctity and you sound more like a sycophant, trying to butter his/her way through by complimenting [complimenting, oldest form of flattery]. But then again it doesn’t mean that out of the fear being sounding like a sycophant you don’t compliment anyone at all.

Roti once told me that a smart looking cop was penalizing him for jumping the red light and just because he told him that Delhi Police generally don’t have smart looking cops like him, he just let him go with a warning [no doubt giving compliments prove to be beneficial]. Anyways this post is not about whether to compliment or not, neither it is about the benefits of complimenting, everyone know about them, but it is about something else.

Now there are people who constantly wants to be complimented by others. These are obsessed with compliments and keep on fishing for them and let me tell you they can be an irritating lot.

The tried and tested formula of getting compliments is to flaunt. There are people with ‘Compulsive Flaunting Behaviour’; they will show off each and everything they posses, which remotely fall in the category of showing off. Even if the object in consideration is generic, they will show it to you in a way that you are compelled to compliment them. Bearing them is not easy but it is not as difficult as the other category, the category of smart asses.

These smart ass have unique way of fishing. They will come across as the case of ‘acute self berating disorder’. They will constantly keep on telling you how bad they look, they will be cribbing about their scores, complaining about their clothes and almost anything they posses, have or is somehow connected to them.

Whenever this smart ass is cribbing in front of you, out of pity or to rejuvenate them you will say that’s not true and compliment them. For instance a girl is complaining how bad her clothes are looking today, they are totally out of fashion and she is looking horrible and blah blah blah. Then to console her you will say no that’s not true, you look great, you have such nice dressing sense, or your hairs are so nicely done and bang; you just complimented her, she got what she wanted and the job well done [doesn’t mean only girls do this, am not being sexist here].

Keeping up with this kind is way more difficult and irritating then the obsessed show offs. Atleast the show offs don’t try to act smart. But these smart asses should not be confused with the actually depressed one, who are not cribbing to fish for compliments but because they are genuinely depressed.

Anyways whenever you come across the smart ass types, play smarter and the moment they say their jeans look bad, tell them it is not the dress darling, it’s your ass. Have you considered losing some weight? They say I didn’t scored well, hell may be next time you will spend more time studying and less in cribbing.

The kind of dirty looks they will give you, just because you didn’t fell for their trap is unexplainable. It will be very funny [well sometime disgusting for speaking the truth], but it will feel liberating and atleast they will not bug you for sometime.

So next time someone tells you that they are not looking good, tell them it is because of their fat body type and out of place features. May be they should visit VLCC; they might fix one or two things.

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