Rains, Games and Blames. . .

As I write this post, it is raining outside, and had it not been to these rains, I don’t think I would have ever written it. Its not that there is something exclusive to be written which I could have not improvised without the rains, but since the day I have started working I have completely become brain dead [guess this must explain the current inconsistency in writing, but will talk about that some other time]. Anyways, if you have followed the earlier posts, then you must be aware that I love rains, and as this year Delhi got more than plenty of its share, so I guess it is good enough reason to write another one, although not on or about rains, but with rains in it. Continue reading “Rains, Games and Blames. . .”

Why I love Rains?

Rains are a part of the large weather cycle which we have in India and Delhi particularly. Due to the distance from sea we experience extreme continental climate in the national capital, varying with five seasons- summers, monsoon, autumn, winters and spring. Today in the morning all of a sudden the day from sunny changed to cloudy. It was a pleasant surprise to see a thick cloud cover on a bright sunny day, with cool and fast wind blowing. Sometime after it started to rain, first slowly and then a real downpour which is nowadays rare even during the monsoon. There is something very special about rainy days and monsoon. This is particularly my favourite season, and this unscheduled rainfall provided me with a reason to write a post on rains which was overdue for a long time [as long time back I was provided with the idea of writing a post about rains and what is special about them by a smarty]. Continue reading “Why I love Rains?”