Who Will be the PM?

For quite some time now the media was speculating that Mr. Nitish Kumar will leave the NDA and go with the UPA. Although he himself kept on asserting that he is with the NDA, media remained unfazed. Congress was also trying to woo him by again and again praising his good work and calling him on his secular credentials. It was only after the NDA rally in Punjab where he and Mr. Modi alongwith other NDA Chief Ministers shared the same stage, that the two stopped. Continue reading “Who Will be the PM?”

General Elections 2009

With today’s poling general elections for the 15th Lok Sabha are over [don’t know why they are called general elections, when nothing is general in them]. One last and perhaps the most important development will take place on 16th may when the results will be declared. Everyone wrote a lot about the elections; so much talking was done about the campaigning; all time favourite Mr. Modi, the new emergent Varun Gandhi the routine stuff and some rare as well. So let us also do some talking on the elections. Continue reading “General Elections 2009”