Pirates on Stranger Tides…

I am late by a week for this post; this review should have been posted on last Friday. Anyways I watched Pirates of the Caribbean – On stranger Tides last Sunday and guess long absence from writing movie reviews is the reason for delay. The reason of absence is not that I am not watching movies, I am every weekend, weekday; anytime when I get time and the frequency is at its peak. I am beating my record of extended summer vacations of 2003 (the one after 10th class exams, during these three months  only thing which I did in scorching heat was watch movies at home).

I have never been a big pirates fan. Unlike my cousin Shantnu, I can’t watch it again and again, but for few times which I watched the first three movies, I always enjoyed and had fun. With every installment everything got bigger and better. The third was the biggest of all and little lengthy (some tighter editing here and there would have been better) but still it is a good watch. So when they announced the fourth movie, there was no particular reason to miss it. We knew that it would be impossible to get tickets for this one on the spot, and hence this became the first movie for which we bought online tickets. For the very first time we took the services of www.pvrcinemas.com for booking the ticket and reached there fully equipped. With our 3D glasses we sat there waiting for the movie to start.

A brief description of the storyline, Captain Jack’s old flame take him on the quest to find Fountain of youth, as she wants to save his father, a feared pirate called black beard. Captain Barbosa is now working for the British and is also in the pursuit of the fountain. Then there are Spanish as well, who are also looking for it. For getting the fountain to work, there is a ritual which is to be performed, and for that you need tear of a mermaid. Yes there are mermaids in this one and to be very frank, they are the only thing which I found interesting in the whole movie. Pretty girls with those beautiful tails, how can you not fall in love with them? And apparently one too many are falling.

Anyways the review, what and how movie ends is very predictable; and the general notion of making everything bigger and better to make a sequel work, seems to be not taken seriously in this installment. You see more land than less sea; and there are more soldiers and fewer pirates. With a runtime of more than 2 hours, if you thought third movie was lengthy then watch this one. There was time, when I was looking at my watch thinking when will it end? If you think the story in the franchise moves a little slowly then wait for this one; the story is not moving at all. Yes Captain Sparrow is all fun and witty but there is nothing extraordinary about this movie. Even watching in 3D doesn’t make it entertaining like the earlier ones. You are not thrilled or feel excited about thinking what will happen next. In a nut shell it is all very mediocre stuff and if by now you have not watched it then its better you leave it.



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