Where is Independence?

When America won war of Independence from British, George Washington was faced with a pertinent question; ‘How to run the country?’ to which he came up with a simple answer, we will do everything opposite to what British did. Nehru-Gandhi faced the same question in 1947 to which they came up with a simpler answer we will continue to do what British did.

This Independence day, I saw a short film featuring actors Manoj Bajpayee and Ravina Tandon. For those of you who missed it, a helpless husband in a road accident trying to save his wife enters a restaurant full of foreigners, where the manager and staff beats him up and throws him out. Outside the restaurant reads a sign ‘Dogs and Indians are not allowed’, a message what life would have been, if we were still British colony. Then it shows they are being welcomed and treated like king in same restaurant because we are living in Independent India. If this is all independence is about, then I guess money has a huge role to play in it, because if a street poor today trying to save his wife in a road accident enters a restaurant and behaves the way Bajpayee did, then his fate wont be different from Bajpayee’s. Where is independence in it? Continue reading “Where is Independence?”

We need to Change!!!

CAG, JPC, CVC, CJI, CWG; all has a common ‘C’ of corruption. One after another there have been a sudden spurt in scams, and all of a sudden the common Bharatiya who never cared about country or the people running it, started talking about things which should have been point of discussions long ago; better late than sorry. Continue reading “We need to Change!!!”


Gone are the days when India was considered a backward nation and the Indian economy was dependant only upon the agricultural sector. Since independence, a great transformation has been noticed in every aspect of Indian economy. Whether you talk about industries, utilities, infrastructure, education or health, Indian economy is going great guns. Continue reading “INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM”

Why look to West?

The day ‘Roti’ posted that comment on the Slumdog post http://www.zhagdoo.com/2009/01/17/india-only-about-slums-sums-to-scramble/ I wanted to write this post there and then only. The comment in itself is mega one and floats a new idea. It answered all the why’s which appeared in the Slumdog post towards the end, and this post is nothing but meager elaboration of Roti’s comment. So plagiarism here can be overlooked I suppose.

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Raging Road Rage. . .

A road is a place where each day each of us spends a substantial amount of our time. A speeding motor vehicle, breaking a traffic signal is not the rarest of the view which we don’t get to see. And when we see a biker doing the job, the sight becomes even more common. So yesterday when I saw two men riding on a bike, trying to jump a red light, I did not found the phenomena very stimulating or unusual. After their failed attempt the pillion rider of the bike opened the visor of his helmet and I got to see his face. He was an old man, of age in late 60s [I presumed that he must have given a good lecture to the driver on the idiotic attempt which he just made]. But surprise to me came, when I got to see the face of the driver, he was again an old man, even older than the previous one [and my presumption was proved wrong]. So first of all kudos to them for riding a bike at this age [generally people are a bit reluctant to do so after a certain age] and then they should be given some bravery award for the attempt which they made, at their age and at a traffic signal on the outer ring road [which by any means, is one of the busiest road intersection of Delhi].

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Dress Code…

Yesterday i had gone with a friend to this Cafe Coffee Day outlet ..or CCD.. as it is popularly known at Connaught place (or CP)..that is the heart of the heart of India. We were sitting n doing exactly what everyone else was…sheer time pass!! There was this couple sitting right in front of us n had ordered a grilled sandwich, which was brought…n then finally the first bite was taken after some 15 mins..n i always thought ‘grilled’ sandwich was to be had at least warm if not hot…sheer time pass as i said!! Continue reading “Dress Code…”


During the days of my Graduation, i was living away from home and in my college campus in suburbs of a small city in Uttar Pradesh. My college a Christian minority institute was located in a densely populated Muslim town, with a population of approximately 8000 students from each corner of this grand subcontinent, mine institute was the main source of living for the local Muslim and non muslim population. Continue reading “NOT OUR NATION”

Protecting Society- “WITH” or “FROM” Sex Education?

Education is one thing which is very important for ones overall development and growth. It plays a vital role in shaping up a good human being with a good future. Since Macaulay introduced formal education in our country at the time of the Raj, this formal system has come a long way. From changes in the syllabus of the existing subjects to the introduction of new subjects, this dynamic field has witnessed many attempts aimed at its improvement for the betterment of the whole society. One such change which the government wants to bring in right now is the introduction of sex education.

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In the recent days Indian media both electronic and print have been showing, how an American citizen Sunita Williams made a record breaking stay at international space center, media was constantly increasing it number of followers by repeatedly reporting that how difficult it was for the ship Atlantis on earth and how prayer of million Indian families made that space ship finally land on earth. NASA may not agree Continue reading “MADE IN INDIA??”