Hi everyone. So here I am writing a post after a long time. Had my first taste of exams in MAIT this week [and it wasn’t quite pleasant as I am about to tell]. Seems as though my luck had left me for the entire week. Paper: 1 I reached late [as in REALLY late] so I missed of my paper. Paper: 2 Injured my right hand right outside the college [which resulted into a startling revelation for me: my God-forsaken college doesn’t have a medical centre]. Paper: 3 it went fine but something got into us and we went to a mall in Rajouri Garden. Paper: 4 The previous day’s incident had a profound effect on it [just a complex way of saying that I am not going to make it]. Paper: 5 Attempted without any book or notes. Paper: 6 Fell asleep “studying” for it [and also during the paper]. Paper: 7 [and the last one, for now] Now this was the only paper that I think I did well in [It WAS an English paper].

The week before this had nothing interesting in it for me to write on [again I had gone for only two days]. Except for perhaps the fact that these were the only two days we didn’t bunk a single class [it was about time we got serious]. And I almost forgot about the movie. After Paper: 7, the 10 of us loaded up in a Versa and went for a movie [which was Rock On, a Hindi one after a long time for me]. It was a pretty awesome movie, and would have truly made our day had it not been for the bomb blasts in Delhi [AGAIN]. Looks like Diwali is gonna come a lot earlier this year… ¬†Well that’s it for now… gotta run…

2 thoughts on “MAIT 1 ME 0”

  1. ok
    so wht do u think getting into an engineering college is the only thing . you also have to get serious in studies.
    btw how was the movie and how r the girls in your college?
    u like any1?

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