Plagiarism – A threat to Originality

Plagiarism is the biggest threat to originality. There are some important fields that badly demand the element of creativity. Let’s take the example of Bollywood industry that has a number of plagiarists who are earning great name and fame. I don’t understand the fact in spite of being such big plagiarists why are they being so loved and appreciated by the crowd of millions. Continue reading “Plagiarism – A threat to Originality”

‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’ – The Biggest Drama on TV

The queen of controversy has once again grabbed all the attention worldwide. I guess the TV channels are growing smarter day by day. The show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar on NDTV Imagine got started 3 weeks back. The idea of telecasting such a show is just to mark a hike in the TRP. Continue reading “‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’ – The Biggest Drama on TV”

Misbehavior With Tourists

It is sad to notice that the sector recording maximum revenue, the tourism sector, has a bad side also. Don’t take me wrong as here I’m not talking about our guests who come to pay a visit in our country and want to explore more about our cultural heritage , but here I want to throw light on those who in spite of respecting them take advantage of their innocence and lack of awareness Continue reading “Misbehavior With Tourists”

Brand Ambassadors – How do they help?

Switching on the TV and watching celebrities promoting various products and brands is a regular deal. The trend of impressing the celebrities promoting a product and boasting about its usability have stopped affecting me. I can’t make up as to where do the sense of business lies by choosing to invest so much money in placing a popular face with their product. Continue reading “Brand Ambassadors – How do they help?”

Smoking Ban In Public Places – What After that?

Smoking is considered to be one of the biggest social evil. It is one such habit that not only affects the addicted but also those who stays nearby. Considering the ill-effects of smoking, the ministry of health and the department of family welfare passed a law banning the unsocial act of smoking inn public places. The law carried a ban against the cigarettes and all the other tobacco products that will make the smokers incapable of smoking anywhere they want. Continue reading “Smoking Ban In Public Places – What After that?”

Are Women Emotionally Weaker than Men??

Women are always considered to be the weaker sex by men when compared physically. But does this also stands true when women is compared to men on the emotional grounds. People often say that women are emotionally weaker than men. Well, I think this is untrue as women may be emotionally more expressive than men but is certainly not weaker than them. Continue reading “Are Women Emotionally Weaker than Men??”

What Makes You Argue???

Arguments are a part of our life. Though it changes topics, matter or the person you are arguing with but the intention of arguing is always the same. It is to prove your point right and defeat other person’s belief on the same issue. I don’t guess that there is any such field or relationship which is spared from the blows of arguments. Be it on a professional or on a personal front, arguments always remain a part of the story. Continue reading “What Makes You Argue???”

Standing For the Right – Is It Injurious??

Moving in, with another question once again. You must be wondering that why do I have so much of complaints about the people those who do not stand for what is right? Well, the answer is not so tricky and comes your way simply when you will actually experience an occasion where you will seek someone to stand by your opinion but won’t find anyone doing so. Continue reading “Standing For the Right – Is It Injurious??”

Live–In – Results in Unsuccessful Marriage

Ever since I have started writing here, I have always wanted to express my opinions on the topic of live-in relationships. It is certainly the most popular and strongly accepted fact that live-in relationships are disastrous if they don’t reach the stage of marriage. Continue reading “Live–In – Results in Unsuccessful Marriage”

Law – How Much It Goes For Law Protectors??

Well I’m completely pissed of hearing and reading discussions about passing laws and their proper execution. Whatever law is passed is highlighted to be for the benefit of citizens. Also Indian government thinks that whatever law has been passed whether being executed and respected is properly looked after by the appointed security officers and corps. They are expected to look after their proper follow up. Continue reading “Law – How Much It Goes For Law Protectors??”

Something I Don’t Understand

Top most restaurants and food chains promising taste and quality for money when it comes to food is almost set in every second street of a city. But I guess no one would have been spared of being victim of food poisoning and stomach troubles after having food even from a reputed and popular food chain. Continue reading “Something I Don’t Understand”

The Perception About Beauty Is Now Distorted

Nature has bestowed everything to human being. Be it senses to think and act, mental ability to be an intellect, or a wonderful appearance which we describe as beauty..What is beauty??I’m not talking about something that gets developed inside but am talking about the physical appearance and outlook of a person. Continue reading “The Perception About Beauty Is Now Distorted”