3:10 to Yuma

3-10_to_yuma-03Before I talk about it, a basic information 3:10 to Yuma is a western movie; for all those who don’t like this genre don’t bother about it. But if you are Russel Crowe or Christian Bale fan, then you may want to read further.

This is the story of Dan Evans [Christian Bale] an impoverished rancher and an ex-army sharp shooter who takes up the assignment of escorting the outlaw Ben Wade [Russel Crow] to the train to Yuma where he will be tried. Standing in their way is Wade’s gang desperate to free their leader. The journey to the train is not all the movie is about. It is about how the two opposite men develop liking and respect for each other. How they help each other in surviving a world where “two men have three reasons to kill each other”. The movie is about fighting and never dying spirit.

Although it lacks the Eastwood charm but it is far better then many in its league. With very little scope for story in western flicks it is the actors that carry the movie forward and the two leads here have done the job well. Crowe with his big black hat is like a movie star with charming eyes, better looking, better fed, better composed and confident. Bale on the other hand genuinely looks impoverished rancher with family responsibilities and desperate to make it; someone who is helpless at times and is somewhere losing faith in himself. He provides the much needed gravity like Lee Van Cleef in ‘For a Few Dollars More’.

Like any other western movies you expect a lot of gunfire and you are not disappointed. The action is good, the journey is enjoyable and the setting is perfect, what else could you ask for. If you liked ‘Appaloosa’ then you will also like it. For me it’s ‘B+’.

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