Advani Code III

In the month of July, UPA government was on a brink of fall. After the left withdrew support it went through the vote of confidence. Just 2 months back it seemed that the country will have the next general elections sooner than expected. But the government somehow managed the required numbers and survived. However sooner or later, the country is bound to go for elections which are not very far. The bugle for the campaign had already been blown by the BJP and under the supervision of the old fox Advani they are moving with a good pace.

In wake of the recent Delhi bombings, the BJP organized a rally in the national capital to highlight the failures of both the state and the central government on the internal security front. The time, the place and the issue all were apt and was apt the speaker, who was specially flown in from Gujarat to talk about this very particular issue. He in his evergreen suave, sturdy and firm style talked about zero tolerance towards terrorism.

The media which was once after Modi’s life, which criticized each and every word he spoke, which always condemned him for anything and everything, for a change praised his speech and presence.


All of a sudden after BJP’s national executive meeting Modi emerged as the poster boy against terrorism. To top it, the Gujarat’s police record of nabbing the culprits and government’s continuous demand for stricter state law to tackle terrorism, adds to his image. Wherever he goes he is receiving a warm welcome from the public and people are relating to what he has to say.


But why and how is Modi now featuring in these national rallies of BJP which are in gearing up for the general elections? Why BJP is promoting a state leader as a national one? Whose brains or what politics is being played behind it? And more importantly why this politics is being played?


Everybody knows whose brain works behind all the strategies and politics which BJP plays, Mr. Advani. And promoting Modi as the ultimate savior from terrorism is another complex Advani’s Code.


Right now if the BJP comes into power then we know for the time being Mr. Advani will be the prime minister. But taking the office at the age of 82 is in itself a big task. He would be the oldest prime minister of India to assume office. BJP’s earlier prime minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee [in whose case age was always an issue for the opposition] retired from the job at the age of 80 in 2004. Advani will be 87 if the next government runs its full term. He is in very good shape now and his working can give complexes even to youngsters. But at these ages things can be very difficult and he knows this.


But where Mr. Modi comes in picture in all this? If at all Advaniji decides to step down as the PM [which is very likely] then who after him is a big question. Seniority wise there are many in queue, but practically speaking none of them has the capability to take up office of such stature and responsibility. Here Modi comes into picture, but then again he can’t be directly made the PM. So it appears after the elections [based upon what alliances are formed] we can see this ultimate counter terrorist as our Home Minister. Once Home Minister, then one never knows even the PM.


But with the stigma of 2002 attached, will people accept Modi as PM or for that matter home minister? Nothing is impossible in politics, especially in India. And with Mr. Advani on the job this can happen sooner than later. Advaniji is a specialist in image makeover. He himself had the stigma of Babri Masjid demolition attached to his name. So much fuss was made about it for a long time by the media as well as the other political parties, but now no one even talks about it.


Portraying Modi as larger than life in tackling terrorism is a part of this image makeover game plan. People have started talking about and admiring Modi’s administration capabilities. Modi and internal security are going hand in hand.


Advani’s Code is crystal clear; make Modi a natural choice of public for these posts. The bigger the issue of internal [in]security turns out to be, more favourite Modi will become for the top posts. But then a lot depends upon the numbers which BJP gets and what allies they have in this 7 race course quest.

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