The Eye. . .

The most interesting thing which I found in the whole movie is its poster, of a huge human eye and a hand gripping it from inside. Actually the movie is not that bad either and with a runtime of something above 90 minutes it is a mediocre movie. Although I haven’t seen the original 2002 Hong Kong version of ‘The Eye’ but I think it must be doing the justice to the original.

This is a story of Sydney Wells [Jessica Alba] who is blind by some childhood accident. Sydney is independent living, successful violinist who is about to undergo double corneal surgery to get her eyesight back. After the surgery things do not go as smooth as she had expected them to be. She is seeing the world around her, but alongwith it she is also seeing things which she is not supposed to. She is haunted by scary dreams, walking phantoms, people burning in flames, flames and more flames. Dr. Paul Faulkner [Alessandro Nivola] is sceptical about all her ghost image claims, but he is sensitive to what she is feeling.

To summarize things, it is a dull movie which is very predictable. The moment her surgery ends and Sydney starts seeing again you know what is going on and what will happen next. This predictable storyline and presentation, without many twist and turns make it fall flat on the thrill and the horror quotient. The only thing good about the movie is it’s not a mindless flick where most of the things do not make any sense. If last week’s ‘One Missed Call’ [another remake of an Asian horror] was a big let down than ‘The Eye’ is not any better. So if you have some other work to do, then going for ‘The Eye’ can take a back seat.

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